Your roof is in prime working condition until it starts to rain. You feel rainwater dripping onto your head. Your roof should keep the elements away from your family, not welcome them in with open arms.

Youโ€™ll need to call roofing companies near me to look for damages as soon as possible. Depending on the age of your home, leaks most likely arenโ€™t going to be the only roof damage that they spot.

Missing shingles and punctures will also leave your home exposed to water. Check out this guide to learn more about these common roofing issues that need repairs as soon as possible.

1. Leaks


The most common sign that you need roof repair is leaks. There are many reasons why your roof is letting water through. If you allow leaves to gather on your roof, they’ll sit and gather moisture.

As they do, it will cause all kinds of structural damage that will lead to a leak. If the roofing company that installed your roof didn’t do it right, it may begin to let in the elements over time.

No matter the cause, you need to get it fixed as soon as you can. Leaks not only allow rainwater to make it into your house. They may also stimulate mold and mildew growth.

Both of these things pose a health risk. The moisture can begin to affect the overall structure of the roof, as well.

2. Loose and Missing Shingles

Loose and Missing Shingles

If you get a commercial roofing service with stellar reviews to take care of your shingles, they will stick around for a hot minute. Nothing lasts forever, though. At some point, they will start to curl.

When this happens, all it will take is one good storm to blow them off. Heavy hail and tree branches can also crack shingles. It will leave your roof bare so, you need to patch up the holes left behind ASAP.

If you don’t, it will cause further damage to your roof.

3. Punctures

Punctures lead to leaks and can be caused by multiple things. A roof repair company can accidentally puncture a roof as they walk across it. Woodpeckers may sit on your roof and hack away at it.

If left unchecked, pests could make their way into your house. The holes might also gather water, which will lead to rot.

Common Types of Roof Damage You Might Be Dealing with

Common Types of Roof Damage You Might Be Dealing with

Is your roof starting to show its age? Is it letting in water? You might be experiencing one of these common signs of roof damage.

While a few missing shingles don’t pose an immediate issue, if you don’t get it fixed as soon as you can, it can lead to further problems down the line. Don’t put off repairs.

These are the most common roofing issues you may run into, but they aren’t the only ones. Check out the Lifestyle section of our blog daily to learn more.

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