CBD gummies are one of America’s favorite new health crazes. They’re delicious, fairly easy to acquire and have a variety of different health benefits.

We all know CBD gummies have CBD in them, hence the name. But you might be wondering what else goes into those CBD gummies you love so very much.

The ingredients in CBD gummies varies based on the manufacturer and the intended health effects of the gummy. Read on and we’ll give you all the information you need to know on what makes up a CBD gummy.

The Essential Ingredients

So what are CBD gummies? At their core, gummies are made up of three core ingredients. Gelatin, sweetener, and flavoring make up the base of a gummy, and whether you choose natural flavors or artificial these are the three primary ingredients.

Because gelatin is an animal by-product, vegetarian and vegan gummies are made with pectin, a natural ingredient extracted from citrus fruits. For sweeteners, gummies can contain either sugar or a variety of artificial sweeteners.

Once these three ingredients are set, the final ingredient to differentiate a CBD gummy from a regular gummy is cannabidiol. This is added just before setting the mold, and the amount and type of cannabidiol vary by product.

Different Types of Cannabinoids

There are three different basic types of CBD gummies, based on the type of cannabinoids used in the product.

Isolate cannabinoids are lab-extracted so that no other cannabinoids are present except for CBD. These are popular with people who want to be completely THC-free, and are good in places that have strict bans on even trace amounts of THC. These are often not as effective as other types of cannabinoids but still contain health benefits.

Full-spectrum edibles contain all of the plant’s cannabinoids in the final product. These contain trace amounts of THC, but generally are under the federal limit of 0.2% and are still legal everywhere in America. These types of gummies often contain the greatest health benefits because the different cannabinoids work together.

Broad-spectrum sits somewhere in the middle. Oftentimes they contain all of the cannabinoids except for THC, making them a balance of effective and THC-free.

Other Ingredients Found in CBD Gummies

Because CBD gummies are used for their health benefits, many products include healthy additions to their gummies.

For example, there are quite a few CBD gummies that are meant to promote sleep and used to help with insomnia. These products often contain 5 milligrams or more of Melatonin, a natural ingredient that promotes sleep.

Other CBD gummies include extra vitamins such as B12 and B6 for energy, or natural products like tumeric and ginger to be used as an anti-inflammatory.

Expanding Your Knowledge Beyond the Gummies

While CBD gummies are a great start to the wonderful world of cannabis products, there’s a lot more out there to explore.

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