Anywhere in the world, agriculture is what sustains the people. It provides us with food and raw materials, it gives us employment, and it creates business opportunities. Aside from that, agriculture is the biggest contributor to the national income of every country. Without the farming industry, a nation will not exist.Β  It is important that when a country develops the agricultural sector also do. Read and learn about the things that might go trending in agriculture in 2021.

Water Management and Resources

Water Management and Resources

Water is life in agriculture. Farmers without water can not survive, because from day one of their farming they need water to nourish their crops. Based on the survey, agriculture consumes almost 80 percent of water in one’s country. This is why agriculturists and farmers are looking for ways to lessen the water consumption for their crops. Here are some ways they thought of lessening their consumption.

  • Water Treatment

This is a process in which the water from your home, from business and large industries, is directed to a water treatment facility to convert the sewage water into drinkable water for animals and for watering the crops.

  • Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation can save up to 80 percent more water than the conventional irrigation system. To do this, you have to put water directly into the roots of the crops. In doing this way, the plants can use the water directly and prevent it from evaporating just like when you use the spray watering system.

  • Capturing and Storing H2O

Farmers built a pond or well to capture as well as keep the rainwater which will sustain their crops throughout the year.

  • Planting Surviving Crops

Planting drought-tolerant crops are one more way of conserving water. The crops that are used to the region’s climate are likely to survive without much water.



The use of drones can provide farmers with data about the weather condition and this can be one of the top trends in agriculture. They can give a prediction of local weather that helps the farmers decide what crops to plant and when to harvest them. In case of climate change, drones can inform you ahead thus helping farmers minimize their loss.

The use of graphene, on the other hand, provides farmers data about the soil condition In a given area. This way, farmers know what crops are better to plant and produce better yield as well as what can survive under less favorable conditions. The professionals behind the official Pinduoduo site explain more about how agriculture goes hand in hand in global modernization. The modernization of agriculture will surely increase the profits of farmers and create more business opportunities as well as giving jobs to the unemployed.

Production of Eco-Friendly Products

Production of Eco-Friendly Products

What do you mean by eco-friendly products? These are products that are not harmful to nature, do not contribute to pollution, and are not harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. Going organic is now one of the top trends in agriculture. They grow crops without using toxic pesticides and herbicides that are all a threat to the health of all living things.

In doing organic farming, farmers are keeping toxic materials out of waterways at the same time to help in retaining moisture in the soil. When the soil is healthy and rich with organic matter microbial life lives in it and they serve as sponges that deliver moisture to the plant, this decreases the amount of water you have to use for the plant.

On the whole, people should stay informed about agriculture, for it is the backbone of our society. Our food sustenance comes from it. Stay alert on what are the trends in agriculture and how professionals are looking for ways to develop more methods, machinery, and safe food for us.

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