What Does a Family Lawyer Do? Their Duties Explained

Did you know that divorce rates have risen during Covid-19? A lot of Americans have needed to hire family lawyers. If you want to learn about when to hire a family lawyer, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll answer the question, “what does a family lawyer do?”

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Annulment is the term for a breakup of a marriage. The marriage bond doesn’t have value after the annulment. There are many reasons for annulment, but fraud is the leading cause.

Suppose a spouse hides a criminal record, infertility, an infectious disease, or a previous divorce. In that case, the partner will seek an annulment. They will seek help from their family lawyer.

Seek Temporary Spousal Support

Do you need temporary spousal support? If so, you can contact your family lawyer, who will bring your case to court.

None of the spouses have the right to waste or demolish the marital property.

Issues With Child Support

The court cannot change child support unless a spouse wants a change. Share your thoughts with your family lawyer, and ask them to present them to the court.

There might be a few reasons you need a change to child support. You might face medical emergencies, economic issues, or a medical emergency of a child.

Changing support means you’re getting resettlement of child support payments.

Dealing With Divorce

A family lawyer will work with a couple if they are filing for divorce. The lawyer will help the spouses cordially complete the divorce.

Most spouses want to know what they’ll lose or receive at the end. Parents also will need to consider the future of their children. A family lawyer will answer these questions.

Dividing property is a challenge for spouses after a divorce. You can reach out to get help from a family lawyer.

People tend to make up their minds over what they’ll keep. You might have intentions to keep the car or home.

The lawyer will listen to the arguments of the wife and husband. They aim to reconcile any conflicting views.

Help With Child Custody Agreements

One of the most challenging issues parents have to face is what will happen to their kids. Couples will need to agree with how they take care of their children in the new arrangements.

Child custody will get defined in an agreement where parents have to live with for the future.

A family lawyer can help parents create an agreement. An attorney will help parents change child custody agreements.

Handle Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that’s signed by a couple before a civil union or marriage. The content can vary from case to case.

The main goal is to outline the provisions of spousal support. They’ll also detail how the property will get divided in the event of a divorce.

A family lawyer will help draft the prenup agreement. The lawyer will also handle any matters that arise from the contract.

Represent Litigants in Court

Family lawyers will help people settle family disputes outside of the court most of the time. Yet, some of the matters will still end up in court.

In this case, family lawyers will help litigants get justice. A family attorney handles these cases often.

They have the legal knowledge and experience to help litigants navigate family law. They can make sure that justice gets served.

Handle Wills and Estates

A will is a document that people write up and state how their property will get divided after they die.

A family lawyer will be responsible for helping people write these documents. They also will have to make sure the estate gets administered as stated from the will after the passing.


Family law lawyers don’t only help families during crises. Family lawyers will also help during moments of joy, like adoptions.

Family lawyers will help you get through the paperwork. Lawyers will help guide you through the system to make your adoption legal.

If something unexpected happens, the family lawyer is a valuable asset in your corner. They will work hard to make things right again.

With adoption, there’s a lot of legal red tape. Navigating the system is challenging if you don’t have experience with adoption. Look for a reputable family lawyer who has a lot of experience with adoption cases.

Neglect and Abuse

If a parent ends up neglecting or abusing a child, a family lawyer will need to come into the picture. The family lawyer could represent the parent facing the accusation or represent the child.

A family lawyer might also advocate for a parent who complied with court requirements so they can get their child back. It’s important to find a family law lawyer with experience in these areas.

Start Looking for a Family Lawyer

Family law attorneys have a lot of responsibilities.

Look for a family attorney if you need help with any of these issues. You’ll want to meet with a few lawyers and ask specific questions about your case.

You could also ask for personal recommendations from your network. Start researching local family lawyers today.

Now You Know the Answer to “What Does a Family Lawyer Do?”

We hope this guide on family lawyers was helpful. Now that you have the answer to “what does a family lawyer do?” start looking for a reputable attorney. Ask your network for recommendations.

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