According to the Association For Safe International Road Travel, 3,700 people die in car accidents each day. For reference, that means that by the time you’re done reading this paragraph, another fatal accident will have occurred.

Staying safe is crucial about what happens if I’m at fault in a car accident, especially after a car wreck occurs.

What Happens if I’m at Fault in a Car Accident?

‘But what happens if I’m at fault in a car accident?’ you might wonder. Well, it’s a complicated matter, but we’re here to help you make sense of it.

Keep reading to find out what to do if you’re the direct cause of an auto accident! Injuries which can occur in a vehicle accident.

Steps to Take Immediately After an Accident

You’ll have a million different thoughts rushing through your head following a car accident. But the most important thing is the safety and well-being of yourself and anyone else involved in the accident.

Look for injuries, check on the other driver(s), and alert the police. If need be, call for an ambulance, too. Your body runs on pure adrenaline following an accident, so you might not realize how hurt you are.

Next, exchange insurance information with everyone involved. And somethings you should never do after getting in a car accident.

You should also document the scene of the accident by snapping photos on your phone, as well as writing down everyone’s tag information.

What You’re Responsible For

Even a minor car wreck can cause major injuries to drivers or damage to cars. So what, exactly, do you have to cover?

It depends on your insurance.

Almost all states require some form of car accident liability insurance, better known as third-party insurance. If someone is injured due to an accident you’re at fault for, third-party coverage will pay for their medical bills and car repairs.

You’ll also need to file a claim with your insurance provider if your vehicle sustained any damage.

And if you don’t have any insurance? Well, expect a trip to the local courthouse at best.

What to Expect Next

Don’t think you’re done once you leave the scene of the accident, though. You still have quite a bit of work to do.

If you’re deemed at-fault, you’ll receive a ticket that has to be paid before a certain date. If you fail to pay before the given date, a warrant may be placed for your arrest.

Also, to address the elephant in the room: Yes, your insurance rates will go upβ€”even if you switch providers, in fact.

With that said, there’s no telling how much your premium will go up, so your best bet is to discuss the price hike when you file your initial claim.

So Staying Safe and Responsible

What happens if I’m at fault in a car accident? Even if you’re the world’s safest driver, the thought will cross your head from time to time.

Remember to stay calm, document everything, and be prepared to pay up for any damages not covered by your insurance company.

And please, stay safe out there.

For more news and advice, check back with our law section’s blog, where we’re constantly posting new tips to help you navigate life’s toughest moments!

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