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What is a Green Card? 5 Things You Should Know

Can you believe that there are more than 33 million legal immigrants who live in America?

Immigrants have always worked wonders for bolstering our economy, advancing our technologies, and making our country more vibrant by sharing their cultures. We wouldn’t be able to benefit from immigrants if the green card didn’t exist.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is a green card exactly?” Keep reading for five interesting green card facts.

1. There Are Different Types of Green Cards

One of the most important facts that everyone should know is that there are multiple kinds of green cards that people can obtain.

Some are related to employment. Others are tied to education. Many deal with family relationships, and more.

This means that there are lots of circumstances that give people the opportunity to move to America.

2. There Is an Immigrant Visa Lottery

You’re not alone if you’re surprised to hear that people can win the visa lottery. Each year, several thousand people are awarded a green card because the government believes that their presence can enrich the country.

While there are several requirements that you need to meet to enter the Green Card Lottery, it’s worth learning more about how you can apply to have the chance to improve your life.

3. Everyone’s Timelines and Costs Will Differ

Lots of people wonder, “How often should I check my immigrant visa status?”

The truth is that everyone gets approved for a green card at different times. Some people are fortunate enough to get approved within a few months while others have to wait years.

Since there are several types of green cards out there, this means that your costs will also vary. Each green card has different requirements that have to be met, so keep this in mind while you’re planning your budget.

4. Green Cards Can Expire or Get Revoked

Green cards aren’t permanent, so holders need to keep an eye on their expiration dates so they can either return to their home country or renew their green card.

In some cases, green cards can get revoked if a person violates certain terms. Committing crimes, leaving the country for an extended period of time, and getting divorced from a resident, are a few of the many ways that a person could lose their green card.

5. There Are Limitations to an Immigrant Visa or Green Card

It’s true that green cards offer many benefits, but they’ll never be as comprehensive as becoming a citizen.

For example, green card holders can’t vote, run for office, obtain a passport, or leave the country without providing proof of return. Make sure you understand all of the terms so you don’t jeopardize your green card.

What Is a Green Card? Now You Know the Facts

Many people have wondered, “What is a green card?” After reading this guide, you can understand the green card better.

Would you like to dive deeper into the legal world in America? Explore our blog.

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