Obviously, high blood pressure has become common disease and almost every second person is the patient of the same.  According to the survey nearly every 1 out of 3 in America is victim of blood pressure. But you are in the opinion of that doctors have completely searched over it and have guaranteed for its best curing and diagnosing.

It is not like as you are thinking, commented by the Samuel J. Mann MD, who is designated as a professor in medicine department at Weill Cornell Medical College and well-known on national basis as a specialist in hypertension field at N.Y-Presbyterian Hospital.

He has written in his book named as “Hypertension and You: right medicine, old medicine and new medicine for the purpose of high blood pressure” Dr. Samuel points out that how hypertension is usually mismanaged and misdiagnosed.

Following are the findings of his experience:

1: Inappropriate Assessment

It is seen in most of doctors that they inaccurately take measurement in their offices as well as in the home of patient eventually results in misdiagnosing of hypertension and people are treated with those medicine for which they have actually no need.

2: New Experience With New Drugs

Due to failure in patents of many drugs that are considered as effective and safe, pharmaceutical companies are continuously in manufacturing and marketing new and new medicines with high profit generation and low quality of salt raw-material that create chances of side effects like mental damaging and  awesome weakness.

3: Mixture Of Medication Is Used

In practice, it is usually observed that doctors first time use single remedy, if it fails to show the desired results, they move towards the mixture of medicine regardless thinking that every patient needs differential medications. They should stop writing the ineffective medicine on prescription and should search out suitable and effective drug.

Dr. Mann says , “The good news is we have a lot of medications that work,” further explained, “In almost every case, we should be able to get blood pressure under control without side effects.”

4: Poor Reading Of Blood Pressure

Dr. Mann tells that usually doctors as well as nurses become over-smart and calculate the wrong measurement of blood pressure which leads towards wrong decisions.

5: Fast Reading Of BP

Always keep in your mind, when you go to doctor’s clinic or even at home, sit for a while almost 5-10 minutes in order to normalize your blood pressure before taking its measurement. By voiding this instruction you will see that the reading of your blood pressure will be high than the actual.

6: Keep Silent During Measurement

if you keep on talking with nurse or doctor during measurement, you will see that the range of BP will be high, so keep silent during its measurement.

7: White-Coat Hypertension Phenomena

Dr. Mass says approx. 20% patients feel this sensation which results in reading of blood pressure on higher side. Patients psychologically feel that “they are in the clinic of doctor”, so these patients are advised to check out their blood pressure personally at home.

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