What Is An IP Address, And Why Is It So Important?

IP addresses have been a large part of modern life for the last twenty years, whether everyone realizes it or not. Although they’re tied to many things in the average house, many don’t realize which items or how to locate them.

This is a general rundown on everything you need to know about IP addresses and why they matter!

IP Adress And Its Importance

What Devices Have An IP Address?

Most people know the obvious items like computers and smartphones: but did you know that every single device you own that connects to the internet has an IP address? This includes devices like ‘smart fridges’ and game systems. The IP address is a unique identifier that allows a device to exist on the internet. This makes it accessible for communication so that it can send and receive information.

How Do I Find An IP Address?

If a device is connected to your wifi: you have access to its IP address. Tap on the ‘wifi’ option under Wireless & Networks, and then tap ‘advanced.’ This will allow you to view the device’s information, including its IP address. There are multiple ways, like simply looking up ‘what is my IP‘ can give you various ways to access it.

What’s The Point Of It?

The good thing about an IP address is not only that it allows you to communicate with other devices but also can help catch cybercriminals. The unique address that they give every device means that law enforcement can use them to track down criminals or those threatening to commit crimes. Although it doesn’t ping to a person’s direct location, it does give their city, who their service provider may be, and other details that can narrow them down.

Why Is It A Security Problem?

Unfortunately, if the wrong person has your IP address, they can narrow down where you live or can even spoof your address to make it seem like you’re the one who committed crimes. Although you can prove it wasn’t you, nobody wants to be accused of criminal activity or deal with going to court to prove their innocence.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself?

The most important thing to do for your IP address is to avoid clicking any links or going to unfamiliar websites unless they’re from a trusted source. Although this is generally a good rule to follow, many people still click links in their emails or random messages from strangers.

Not only is this a risk to your computer or phone’s safety: it also can be a huge risk to your identity. Don’t fall victim to identity theft because a link looks interesting. You should also avoid treating any network as a shared network on your computer and phone unless you’re completely sure nobody else can get onto it.

IP addresses are extraordinarily useful, and we wouldn’t be able to achieve most of our daily life without them. However, make sure to be careful how you use and share them so that you can protect your identity.

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