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What Is an RFP Specialist, and why Should Your Business Hire One?

If a government agency or a private company asks you to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP), you are looking at a great opportunity! You have the chance to get a new client, possibly one that will help grow your business and generate more income and leads over time.

However, what if you have never responded to an RFP before? What if you are not even exactly sure what is an RFP?

An RFP can look quite daunting if you do not have experience in creating responses. What can you do to create a submission in response that is effective but does not throw your entire staff into an uproar?

You may be in a business like construction or IT. You may not have a marketing or procurement department. You may want to consider hiring outside help in order to make the most of this opportunity.

Here are five reasons you may want to hire an RFP specialist.

1. You Need a Professional Writer

Government entities and corporations issue RFPs when they seek outside vendors to complete a project on their behalf. The RFP process ensures that they will award contracts based on credentials and competitive pricing.

If a company asks you to respond to a proposal, you must state convincingly that you are the perfect one for a job. Your response must build a convincing case based on cost estimates, case studies, and strategic analysis.

If you have never responded to an RFP before, you need someone who can write a compelling proposal that convinces the issuer to hire you. If you and your team are not professional writers, you should consider hiring a specialist.

2. Someone Needs to Manage the Complex Process

If you are late responding to an RFP, or you leave out important documents, you are out of the running.

Often a response consists of many different sections, requiring that you gather information from many people in your company. You need a skilled project manager to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are provided on schedule and pulled into a coherent narrative.

3. You Only Get One Bite of the Apple

If you submit a sloppy reply to an RFP, the issuer may not give you another chance.

Each issuer has different priorities and preferences. By researching the company where you are submitting a bid, you will avoid making mistakes that will dampen your reputation. A specialist can help you avoid these damaging errors.

4. You Don’t Have Time or Staff to Spare

Responding to an RFP can take many hours of valuable time. If you are a factory or an engineering firm, you may not have experts who write well and can respond to the arcane requirements of a complicated RFP.

You yourself may have clients to attend to, personnel issues to solve, and payroll to make. You may not have time to devote to this long, complex process.

5. It’s a Worthwhile Investment

If you hire a specialist to create your response to a proposal, you will have to pay them for their expertise. However, it is an investment in your future. You will improve your chances of getting a lucrative contract which could dramatically improve your business.

If you succeed in your response, you are more likely to parlay that success into more contracts and more profits.

What Is an RFP? If You Have to Ask, You Need a Specialist to Help

If you are asking, ‘What is an RFP?”, you need to educate yourself on the ways many businesses secure generous contracts. Look into hiring a specialist who can explain the process to you, and assist you in creating a system to respond in a way that maximizes your chances.

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