We see, talk, and listen a lot about CBD! It is everywhere: from online forums to public discussion platforms; it seems people are only talking about it. And people are not only talking about it, but they are also buying it like crazy.

This panacea to cure all types of ailments (well, that is what its proponents are saying!) is not only available in pills, liquid or powder form. It is also available as your cherished tea and chocolate and candies, the caffeine kicks like coffee and tea, bath bombs for bathroom fantasy, and even as make-up products.

In short, it has seeped in our life in various forms, tastes, and colors – and people are loving it! 

On top of that, you don’t have to travel miles to find it. You can easily find it in head shops, online platforms, wellness centers, and drug stores.

But despite its huge buzz, little do people know that what is CBD and why people are going gaga over it?

What is CBD – The Magical Kick?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the two essential chemical compounds found in cannabis plants, the other being THC. Where THC is the chemical compound known to cause β€˜high’ – the one for which cannabis is famous – CBD doesn’t induce any such effect. It has therapeutic value rather than making you intoxicated, hallucinated, or showing signs of any kind of β€˜high’.

All the CBD products available in stores or pharmacies have CBD extracted from hemp plants, not marijuana. The difference between hemp and marijuana plant is the amount of THC. Plants having THC more than .3% are marijuana, and they are illegal in most of the U.S.

People are using CBD related products to cure various types of health issues and ailments. And they are claiming some magical results!

Why People are Going Gaga – Its Uses?

CBD products are made by mixing CBD extract. Like, CBD oil is formed by mixing CBD extract and a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. The carrier oil facilitates the absorption of CBD in the bloodstream. Similarly, tea, chocolates, and other CBD products also help in the entry and absorption of CBD in the body.

People are using these products to treat various minor and major health problems. The reason is that CBD triggers certain brain receptors that work for different kinds of body conditions.

For instance, serotonin receptor is responsible for mood management. CBD triggers it to lift the mood and relieve anxiety, depression, and other mood management issues. Moreover, it also stimulates the capsaicin receptor, responsible for inflammation and pain management. So, it has the potential to alleviate chronic pains like neuropathic pain and lessens inflammation. Moreover, CBD also activates adenosine receptor, known to work for bone and heart health. Some proponents of CBD also claim that it is helping people to cure epilepsy and stop the growth of cancer cells.

Though there is a lack of research to prove all these claims, the buzz surrounding this enigmatic compound shows that there is something in it that is worth the buzz!

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