Do you know anyone who doesn’t know CBD?

With CBD’s popularity, it’s hard to find individuals who aren’t familiar with cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants. However, if you ask about kratom, some of your friends probably won’t know what it is.

So, what is kratom? Native to Southeast Asia, it is a cousin of the coffee plant. Its most common forms include powders, capsules, and extracts.

There are different kratom strains, such as Maeng da, Indo, Thai, etc. Now, if you’ve done your preliminary research and are curious about gold kratom, you’re in luck.

Here, we’ll talk about what “gold” means when talking about kratom (hint: it has nothing to do with leaf vein coloration), how it’s cultivated and harvested, and where to buy it.

Gold Kratom Strain: The Basics

Kratom Classification by Native Region

Some people refer to gold kratom as “gold vein kratom,” but it’s a misnomer. If you look at the kratom species growing in Southeast Asia, you won’t find any gold-veined kratom there.

Gold kratom is a different product, combining two or more colors. Remember that the main varieties are red, green, and white. That means if you buy gold vein kratom from one vendor and a gold Bali kratom from another seller, the blends will not be exactly alike.

It’s best to experiment until you find a gold blend that works well for you. Now, if you’re hoping to resell gold kratom, consider buying wholesale kratom extracts to get a discounted rate.

Cultivating and Harvesting Gold/Yellow Gold Kratom

Yellow Gold Kratom

No matter what it’s called–gold kratom, gold Bali kratom, or Bali leaf kratom, keep in mind that because it’s a combination of strains, its effects can be much stronger than what you’re expecting.

How it’s cultivated and harvested has something to do with that. First, gold kratom farmers dry the red strain plants under the sun. They do this to concentrate the alkaloid content, making it more potent.

Next, they ferment the leaves. The purpose is again to increase 7-hydroxy mitragynine, kratom’s primary alkaloid. Thanks to this process, the resulting strain is more potent than the original red kratom.

Finally, it is mixed with green Bali kratom, which turns the color into a yellowish/golden hue.

Where to Buy Gold Bali Kratom

Gold Bali Kratom

The good news is you won’t have any trouble finding kratom vendors. A quick online search will yield plenty of results, so it’s not like you have to travel far and wide to find gold kratom.

However, not all online vendors will run their products through lab testing, and this is where you can narrow down your list. Another thing to look for is a money-back guarantee. If a vendor presents a certificate of analysis, plus a promise to give your money back if you’re satisfied, you can trust you’ve found an excellent place to buy kratom.

Can’t Wait to Try Kratom?

Now that you know more about gold kratom, are you excited to try this strain? If you’re a first-timer, don’t limit yourself to what you’ve read here.

Do your homework and find out more about kratom and its effects. For more health tips and advice, you may check out our other posts.

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