Server memory and the amount of storage space on a device are not the same.  Server memory enables a server to read and write information which can be accessed from the storage. If more server memory is available, it will improve the overall performance of the system by allowing the server to read and write more items. 

Deciding the correct amount of server memory that an organization requires is not a simple task. It is a complicated decision to make because of the highly versatile use of servers in today’s business.  While upgrading the server memory, you need to assess the current and future requirements accurately. If you purchase more than what you need, you will end making an unnecessary expense, but investing in lesser memory can affect the speed of the applications and their performance.

Cloud Ninjas with its experience in providing successful server memory upgrades for Dell, Supermicro and HP systems can help you choose the right server memory for your business according to your budget.

What factors should you consider while upgrading your server memory?

These are some of the common doubts that organizations have pertaining to server memory upgrades.

  • What amount of server memory do I require?

This depends on your requirements. Do not confuse this with the size of the organization. There are many large organizations with low server memory requirements and several small organizations which need high server memory due to the memory consuming apps they use. You can estimate your current memory usage with the free tools available online. Take the help of application experts to understand your current usage and assess the future requirements taking your budget into consideration as well.

  • What is being bought by other companies?

Currently, most companies are buying 16 GB DIMMs because of its great computing power and price advantage. Firma is also considering 32 GB DIMMs for its increased performance but the drawback is the higher price. 

  • Should all the slots in the server be filled?

No, it is not required. However, certain industries like financial services might find this to be a competitive advantage. The choice here is between performance and capacity. 

  • Can I use DIMMs of different sizes in the same server?

Yes, you can. Go ahead and mix different size DIMMs, but you need to ensure a balance between the processors. Also, you should avoid having a big difference in capacity. So, you can combine an 8 GB and 16 GB but not an 8 GB and 32 GB which is not supported.

  • What is the most appropriate DIMMS to processors ratio and how can the system be balanced?

Each processor needs memory and the amount of memory should be the same for all processors. The DIMMS to processors ratio will vary according to the workload and is technical to estimate. Hence, it is recommended to seek expert help in this matter.

Understanding server memory upgrade is a bit on the technical side. So, get in touch with experts like Cloud Ninjas to find the right solution for your organization. If you want to upgrade your personal device here is the best motherboard for i7 9700k. Thanks for reading our blog. Check back daily for new content.

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