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What is Step and Repeat, and How to Design One?

If you look at the film or sports magazines for celebrities’ photos in these fields, you can surely spot a step and repeat behind them with the branding and logo elements of the sponsors of the event or the individuals. Alternatively known as media wall, step and repeat model backdrop banners are very common and widely used. We will cover it in more detail in this article with some tips to design your step and repeat for promos.

What are step and repeat?

A step and repeat or a media wall is a backdrop for photos and videos at events like movie premieres, sporting venues, red carpet events, fashion shows, and other events where there are sponsors. However, unlike its traditional use, now step and repeat banners are used by anyone who wants to advertise their brands at various events. You can see the step and repeat at events like:

  • Concerts
  • Film festivals
  • Award shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Sporting events
  • Trade shows
  • Fashion shows
  • University events
  • Grand openings

Many companies now use this catchy type of banners for their marketing efforts. By printing the brand logo multiple times at the backdrop on the banner in a step and repeat banner, you can feature the entire logo being portrayed on the photographs. The reason why step and repeat are popular in celebrity events is that they endorse the brands. A certain share of attention viewers pay to the celebrities may also go to the attractive brand logos behind.

Step and repeat explained

Step – Stands because the subject of the photograph steps in front of the banner and poses for a few seconds or minutes to click pictures and videos before moving on.

Repeat – This stands for repeating the same logo/logos or brand elements on the banners, which serves as the background of the celebrity photos.

When used right, step and repeat banners can give a lot of free press to the brand, which can ensure a greater return on investment. At the age of selfies and Instagram, everyone wants to look like celebrities, and so step and repeat can be an ideal element for non-celebrity events. Being installed at a party venue or a trade show, people now largely tend to pose for a photo in front of the step and repeat and post the same on their social media walls. Since these media walls are well recognized for capturing celebrity moments, they instantly draw attention anywhere.

You can try installing the logo-emblazoned step and repeat banners for events like trade shows, store opening, official events like annual employee fest, store fun, party decoration, etc., which can add value to the total ambiance and fun elements of the event. You can also make a lightweight and portable step and repeat if you frequently participate in trade events or conventions. However, you need to customize the step’s design and repeat it based on the purpose, location, installation, and target audience.

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