It has probably happened to you at least once. You wake up for work, get into the car, turn the key, and… the battery is dead.

It’s among the most frustrating feelings for car owners. The car was running yesterday and today it’s kaput.

To vent some of this frustration and learn about the issues, this article is all about car battery life. Below we will examine the average car battery life and some tricks to make your car battery last longer.

What is the Average Car Battery Life?

When shopping for a battery, most auto parts stores offer a good, better, best line of products. Naturally, the price varies accordingly. The lower-end batteries are good somewhere between 1-3 years. Alternatively, higher quality batteries can run for 4-5 years.

Often, auto parts stores offer a full replacement warranty for a year or so. This is an important element to shop for. Sometimes brand new batteries are faulty.

On average a car battery should last 3-5 years. I realize that is not a cut and dry answer, but below we will examine how battery life is affected.

What Hurts Battery Life?

Like any part of a car, the battery needs maintenance. If you put it out of mind, it can deteriorate. These are some of the common issues that hinder car batteries:


Corrosion is a death sentence for batteries. Corrosion is the greenish chemical build-up on battery terminals, cables, and posts. This excretion blocks the conductivity of the battery. Too much will keep your car from starting.

Letting It Sit

If you let your car sit without driving it for too long, the battery will die. When its not running, the charge in the battery will fade. If you don’t drive your car for several weeks, don’t expect the battery to turn over the next time you start it.

Vibrations and Loose Parts

Check the connections on your battery. Excessive vibration is harmful. If the battery is loose in its housing, the vibrations can crack the cells and damage the components. Be sure it is strapped down and the terminals are snug.

How to Improve Car Battery Life

Those are instances that will hurt your battery. However, there are processes that improve your battery life. Check out these ways to keep your car running.

Protect the Terminals

Corrosion can be mitigated by protecting the terminals. There are a few possibilities that can help. Consider insulating the terminals with dielectric grease, metal clad seals, or post protectors. This limits corrosion and prevents short circuits.

Give the Battery Time to Charge

Driving the car charges the battery. A longer journey gives the battery time for a full charge. Five-minute drives don’t help the battery. Instead, try 30-minute runs where the car reaches 1000 RPMs. This will improve the battery lifespan.

Check the Water Levels

The water levels in a car battery are critical to keeping it running. Many drivers forget to check the cells. Over time, the water will evaporate or soak into the battery.

Pop the caps off the battery and check the water. If low, top them off with distilled water. Check the water every couple of months.

Maintain Your Battery and It Will Last

All these elements play a role in your average car battery life. Don’t get stranded with a dead battery. Take care of your car battery and it will take care of you.

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