Are you in confusion which is the Best Time of Day to Skydive? You don’t have to remain in this state again because the afternoon is the right time to try this awesome game. Skydiving during hours which are not peak, especially around lunchtime, between 12 pm and 2 pm is the best time of day to skydive.

Best Time of Day to Skydive

Consider skydiving in the afternoon as a great movie. This time of the day is ideal because it is more affordable, less crowded, and can fit better into your full open daytime schedule says Phoenix Skydive Center. The afternoon is the best time to get more individual attention from the instructors, have more space to breathe in the plane and no delays or long queues to wait for a jump.

During the afternoon you are guaranteed some discount which is not the case with other skydiving hours.Skydiving is more involved, more expensive and requires better fitness. But it’s worth every bit of effort. If you are one of the First Timers in skydiving, then try it in the afternoon hours so that you can have quiet hours. Let look at how you can start this best time of day to skydive exciting activity.

  1. The Decision

 Skydiving is not as dangerous as it looks. According to the stats and studies, it’s one of the extreme safe sports. Still, there are risks in skydiving, and you should be aware of them. Before deciding on your first skydiving jump, you should inform yourself about all the possibilities.

Don’t close your eyes and deny there is a risk. Don’t let the risks freeze you either – if you are afraid of making a skydiving jump, and you should be at least as afraid each time when you drive a car!  Don’t rush the decision.

After obtaining enough information, let your decision “sleep” for a week or two to make sure you want to do it. Once decided, don’t hesitate any more, but start preparation.

  2. Preparation of Skydrive

 If you want to skydive seriously and long term you need to have your equipment. For a start, you can buy used skydiving gear – inform yourself about the risks in that too. Hint: some things, like a helmet, for example, should be bought only new.

If you are planning to do just one skydiving jump, you can rent the equipment – this option is far more affordable.  Whether you are looking at this long-term or for a single jump, it’s a good idea to get some skydiving education.

At the professional skydiving schools, you’ll get qualified training and theoretical education that will help you experience safer best time of day to skydive and better skydiving jumps.

3. The First Jump

 The first jump is the hardest one. You’ll probably feel some resistance in the airplane and fear right before doing it. Your instructor can encourage you, but they will do it only if you tell them you want to jump in the beginning. Some first timers don’t do it so the instructors will avoid influencing you.  

It’s All Opinion Really

However, some tend choose the afternoon hours to enjoy an exciting experience. When you start flying, enjoy. The first jump is an experience that will never happen again best time of day to skydive.

The other jumps are also very exciting, but there’s nothing like the first time, so try to get the most from it. Of course, don’t forget to open your parachute unless it opens automatically.

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