What is the best time to wash car? If you own a car but you’re not sure about the appropriate time that is ideal to wash it, this write- up is what you need going through. Basically, most people believe that washing a car is a simple task that can be accomplished any time provided they have plenty of water, car shampoo or soap, a soft brush or a sponge. This is not true. According to experts, just like other cleaning tasks, there is an ideal time for washing a car.

If you cannot handle the car washing process by yourself, it is recommended you consider hiring a pro to assist you out. Experimentation is one sure trick that will enable you find reliable car cleaners in your area that will offer you satisfactory and/ or affordable services.

Washing Your Vehicle in the Morning During Summer Period

In summer, it is important you develop a habit of washing your car(s) in the morning when the weather is not hot. When the atmospheric condition is hot, water used to wash the car will likely evaporate faster making your car’s body become too hot. This will certainly leave stains behind once the car dries up.

Choosing a Day which is not too Bright with Sunlight

A day that is too sunny may prevent you from noticing stains which you require to remove. Strong direct sunlight also makes wax and polish hard to apply in a car’s even layer.

Choosing a Day That Isn’t Windy

Wind carries particles like sand and dust, which may easily stick to the car’s washed surfaces. This can cause scratches if you do not notice the sediments and you scrub strenuously.

Washing Your Carin Winter

In colder periods i.e. in winter, it is essential you pick a day which isn’t too cold. When the weather is too cold, the water you use during the cleaning process may freeze and end up forming a thin ice layer on the car’s body. This is a factor that will obviously cause more damage than good.  Generally, it is good to wash your defender 90 either in cool shade, late in the evening or early in the morning. The idea is to ensure you avoid hot direct sunshine.

It is Alpha Integrated Auto Care also recommends that you develop a habit of washing your car when dirty. Instead of laundry detergent or anything else not made to wash vehicles, use automotive detergent when trying to make your car sparkly clean.  Also, ensure you pre-rinse as well as wash top- down i.e. begin on the windows and roof, work down your car’s body and finally finish with cleaning the tires.

Bottom Line

If you adhere to the afore- mentioned tricks when washing your car, you are assured that it will last for a considerable long period.  The best time to wash car is going to be ultimately up to you. Ensure you put them to test anytime you opt to clean your vehicle so that you can reap the various pros linked with them.

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