Did you know that there are more than 500 public-funded Montessori schools in the United States?

Although these schools have been around for more than 100 years, they are just now becoming more popular.

If you are disappointed in your child’s progression at a public or private school, you should consider Montessori.

Continue reading to learn what is the Montessori method all about and is it right for your child!

Child-Centered Approach

Montessori Method

If you want to understand what is the Montessori method, you need to understand the child-centered approach.

Most students from the United States get told what to read, what to study, and what activities to partake in. Montessori schools remove the control from the teachers and let children learn and explore. Although the kids still need guidance, they can find things they get interested in and learn other skills simultaneously.

These teachers prefer to take a step back and let the child determine what the best education looks like. Although this might sound like chaos, teachers use cues to integrate a learning curriculum.

Includes Play

Even if you find the best school in the country, if they don’t offer playtime, your children will suffer.

Kids require movement to keep the brain going, otherwise, they disconnect and don’t absorb information. The Montessori method focuses on teaching kids a curriculum while they are playing. Especially since the lessons come more naturally.

Another reason play is so essential in these schools is that it helps them discover new interests. When kids can see what other children are playing or have the chance to explore on their own, their imaginations soar.

With additional playtime, kids are excited to learn and sit still since they relieved restless energy! Montessori schools turn dull lessons into fun adventures.

Little Isolation

A common concern that parents have when they take their kids to school is that they isolate themselves.

As your children are learning how to develop friendships at school, they might be a bit independent. Montessori schools are perfect for getting kids out of their shells and making new friends. These teachers often set up workstations for the students and they form groups to play with.

These groups often change throughout the year, so your child will get exposure to more people. When children learn how to cooperate and see the strengths in others at such a young age, they are built for success.

Most schools will let you have a look at the classrooms to ensure that the environment is friendly and inclusive.

Social & Emotional Learning

Since Montessori schools focus on building a community, the teachers use lessons about emotions.

It can be challenging enough to manage emotions as an adult with plenty of coping skills. Many parents and teachers forget that children have fewer coping skills and larger emotions. Montessori teachers use this info to guide students through emotional and frustrating times.

What Is the Montessori Method? A Closer Look

When students are given coping skills, they can work better in the classroom. Students that get bullied or have difficult lives often struggle since emotions block their minds from learning a lesson. With a welcoming and empathetic classroom, your child will thrive socially and emotionally.


Instead of holding every student up to the same standard, teachers use a self-paced lesson plan with the Montessori method.

The lessons are still guided and led by their teachers and other leadership roles. The students also get assessed regularly to ensure that they are reaching their goals. Self-paced lesson plans are often more manageable for students and they are more encouraged to learn.

As your child develops interests, they will want to learn more and expand their imaginations. You don’t have to stress about them getting one answer wrong on a test because the teachers are more focused on them improving over time.

Students are measured based on their past performances, rather than the performances of their peers. You kids can take their time to learn a lesson and go back to it at any point if needed.

Increases Confidence

Confidence doesn’t come naturally, it takes independence and encouragement.

The teachers in the Montessori setting try to help their students gain confidence, which carries over into the real world. Students from these schools have more confidence in their decisions since they are given a chance to learn independently. During these periods, their minds learn to analyze situations differently than children simply being told a fact.

These kids learn lessons and facts through trial and error. The teachers also support the kids when they’re “wrong” and help guide them to the right answer. With these coping and self-motivation skills, students are ready to believe in themselves.

Perfect for All Learners

Did you ever notice in school that you did best with hands-on lessons while your friend did better with writing?

Montessori School

Each student has a unique way of learning and Montessori teachers aim to find what works. Instead of beating facts into a child’s brain, they identify the most effective ways that students absorb information.

Often, at an early age such as in preschool, hands-on learning is the most beneficial. When your child is enrolled in Montessori schools, the teachers will ensure that they aren’t working harder than necessary.

What is the Montessori Method Doing With the Mind?

Learning about what is the Montessori method will help you find the best education for your child(ren).

The public schools are struggling to stay afloat while Montessori schools are getting booked. This method is child-centered and includes a lot of play. Parents are finding Montessori schools to be a breath of fresh air, especially when their kids are excited to learn again.

Don’t be afraid to try these schools out, some will even let you take a tour.

Be sure to check out our blog for more information about finding the best preschool and education for your kids!

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