If you want your business to remain competitive, you need to figure out how to use the latest technology. One technological advancement you should definitely check out is video conferencing.

Odds are you have some knowledge of video conferencing. But you might still not be able to confidently answer the question – ‘what is video conferencing?’

If that’s the case, keep reading as this post will help answer some of the burning questions you might have about video conferencing. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be wondering why your business has gone so long without this tech.

Let’s begin!

A Brief Rundown on Video Conferencing

Essentially video conferencing allows you to conduct meetings, using video. This means that you can now see the people you’re talking to, in real time. It also allows you to conduct meetings, with more than one location.

This is helpful because it can reduce the need to conduct meetings in person. Plus the fact that you can see the other person also helps to improve the trust level in the conversation. This is something that’d be hard to achieve if you were only using a phone call.

When conducting a video conference call, there are generally two options you can go with.

The first option is something known as ‘point-to-point’ calling.

As you might’ve guessed, this allows ‘two’ locations to talk to one another. Say one meeting room is communicating with another meeting room. This is perhaps the simplest setup you can have for video conferencing.

The other option is something known as ‘multi-point’ calling.

This is when you’re talking to more than two locations at the same time. So there might be a video conference call of which includes three or even four meeting rooms at the same time. This is helpful as it can allow different departments to hold meetings. The sales team can talk to the product team, even if they’re in different states.

Not everyone needs to provide a video feed when taking part in a video conference call. Sometimes people can just take part using only their voice. The key thing here, though, is that many people can join the same call.

Do You Need Any Special Equipment to Do Video Conference Calls?

Now that you know the basics of video conferencing, you’re probably wondering whether you need any special equipment to make all this happen.

The answer is yes. But you don’t need anything that is overly expensive or even complex.

At the most basic level, you’re going to need some kind of camera and display, both of which you need to connect to a relatively fast computer. You’ll also need a special kind of software that takes care of the entire process.

Depending on how advanced the setup is, you might need to invest in individual software options for each aspect of the video call. For instance, you might need software for the ‘video’ and another form of software for the audio.

You may even need to invest in something that’s going to allow you to schedule the calls so that everyone knows what’s going to be happening and when.

In spite of all this, there is a wide range of video conferencing offerings to choose from. Some companies provide a great deal of web conferencing functionality, without asking you to invest in a lot of hardware or even software.

Video conferencing generally makes use of an internet connection.

This means you’ll need a high-quality connection for everything to go off without a hitch. Especially if you’re thinking about transmitting video quality that’s akin to HD level quality.

The good thing is that most offices provide high-speed internet now. Even then, if your office can’t provide this, there are plenty of mobile providers that can help you access high-quality, high-speed internet. Use an internet speed checker like Speedcheck to find out your provider’s internet speed.

How Secure Is a Video Conference?

Security may be one of your chief concerns about video conferencing.

This is perfectly normal, especially when you consider the sensitive nature of business calls. If you’ve invested in a high-quality offering, then the software should provide some level of encryption.

But outside of this, you’ll want to ensure your IT team has taken some extra steps to ensure that your business network is secure. That’s because if someone can compromise your network, they can also compromise your video conferencing systems.

You can ask your IT team to install proper firewalls, that reduce the odds that malicious actors can gain access to your network. You’ll also want to ensure that you have certain ‘permission settings’ in place, of which decide who can and can’t access the video cameras/audio feeds.

Aside from permission settings, you can also add passwords. This’ll ensure only specific people have access to certain ‘conference spaces.’

It also helps to stick to certain best practices. For instance, you should be wary of conducting video conferencing facilities when using unsecured WiFi.

This kind of WiFi is common in hotels or public places like a coffee shop. You might also want to be careful about the kinds of documents you share, via a video conferencing call.

Finding a Good Web Conferencing Provider

As mentioned, there is a wide range of providers you can choose from.

For a lot of people, the price is probably their biggest concern. You’ll want to shop around so that you can find a video conferencing solution which is affordable for you.

The other key thing is how good the video conferencing functionality is. You’ll want to test out individual web conferencing setup before you decide to do any important calls. This’ll allow you to find the best offering as well as how you can make the most out of that offering.

What Is Video Conferencing – Are You Now up to Date?

Technology can help you improve the way your business runs. One example of technology that can have a big impact on your business is video conferencing.

In this post, we’ve taken a good look at how video conferencing can help your business. You should now have an answer to the question – ‘what is video conferencing?’

If you’re going to invest in video conferencing, it’s important you take certain security precautions. You also want to test out video conferencing solutions, before you use them to hold important meetings.

Yet once you’ve worked out the basics, you’ll find that video conferencing is an indispensable asset to your business and the way it operates.

Interested in how you can become a better manager? Check out this post for some tips!

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