What Makes a Good Divorce Attorney? A Complete Guide

If you’ve decided to end your marriage, choosing the right divorce attorney can, unfortunately, be both a challenging and stressful decision. The consequences of hiring the wrong family law attorney can be disastrous.

Choosing inexperienced or unscrupulous divorce lawyers can always lead to you wasting your time and money while making your divorce proceedings much more complicated. Therefore, if you’re new to hiring an attorney, you may be wondering how you can make the right decision. Luckily there are many qualified professionals ready to help you across the country. So whether you’re looking for a Virginia Beach divorce lawyer or searching in California, there’s plenty of support available.

If you want to achieve absolute confidence in hiring an attorney that has your best interest in mind, here are some important qualities can look for before going to any divorce court.

Similar Experience is Important

Choosing the right lawyer can be difficult on both spectrums. While you should avoid lawyers with minimal experience in their field, you should also avoid experienced lawyers that have never dealt with a case like yours.

The truth is that no divorce case is the same. Divorce is the most universal legal matter in the United States. Poor and rich people commonly get a divorce.

Divorces can also be both contested or uncontested. When you’re moving forward with a divorce, you should hire a lawyer that has experience in your type of case.

For example, if you want to pursue an uncontested divorce, hiring an attorney that handles several of these cases every year is ideal.

Look for Great Communication Skills

While your lawyer will work for you, they should be more of a partner in helping you get a divorce on terms that are beneficial for you.

With that said, hiring a lawyer with great communication skills is a must. A great lawyer should always give you updates on the progress of your divorce proceedings. They should also provide legal consultation whenever you express a concern with the process.

A law firm that doesn’t communicate well with its clients is exhibiting clear red flags that shouldn’t be ignored.

Attorneys Should Have Excellent People Skills

Lawyers argue in courts on a regular basis. This means they’re always in front of clients, judges, their opponents, and members of juries.

Lawyers also meet with prospects and clients on a regular basis. There is no reason for any attorney to be reclusive or introverted. They should have no problem speaking to their clients on an acceptable professional level.

If you come in contact with an attorney that has zero people skills, you should immediately look for better candidates.

Consider a Lawyer’s Research Skills

Creating an effective legal strategy is a time-consuming and challenging process. This is essentially why lawyers put in long hours every week and command high salaries.

To observe a lawyer’s research skills, request a free consultation. Many law firms allow their prospects to meet with them to discuss the merits of their cases.

In turn, prospects will be able to see how a law firm tackles legal challenges upfront. If you’re not satisfied with how an attorney handles your case in this consultation, you should consider other options with better analytical skills.

Lawyers Should Have Great Judgment

One of the core characteristics of a quality divorce lawyer is the ability to make accurate judgments. Divorce often involves intense negotiations between both parties regarding matters of property and children.

An attorney shouldn’t enter these negotiations looking for a fight, nor should they be very willing to back down. A great divorce lawyer should consider the facts of any divorce case before making a judgment.

The reputation of an attorney is established by how well they steer their clients to making a beneficial decision. When searching for qualified divorce lawyers, make sure you choose a professional with an excellent track record of success.

Attorneys Should Be Creative

Countless challenges arise in divorce proceedings. Roadblocks and obstacles can populate and challenge even the most experienced attorneys, even the ones with incredible problem-solving skills.

To combat these issues, divorce lawyers should be creative in their approach. Successful lawyers should always prove their ability to think on their feet and be rational in the face of uncertainty.

In the scenario that your divorce case goes off the rails, you’ll need an attorney with the skills to get you out of a tough spot and protect your best interests.

Always Choose a Dedicated Attorney

Even the most simple divorce cases aren’t quick and easy. Divorce proceedings can stretch out for several months in many cases. Having a dedicated attorney that will fight for you through the thick and thin is vital.

Hard-working divorce attorneys are more able to find leverage in your case that can be used effectively at the negotiation table. Since divorce cases require many hours of in-depth research and deliberation, you should hire a divorce attorney that won’t mind going to work to grant you a divorce that’s beneficial on your terms.

Your Lawyer Should Be Competitive

Again, the sole purpose of hiring a divorce lawyer isn’t to do battle at the negotiation table. Rather, hiring a divorce lawyer should give you the legal representation to avoid being taken advantage of by the opposing counsel.

With that said, if both parties have hired an attorney, it means there will at least be some extent of conflict. Your lawyer’s job is to represent your best interests, be your voice, and protect your legal rights.

Like a bodyguard, your attorney should also be ready to take on a fight if the situation warrants it.

Attorneys Should Always Be Ethical

No matter what your conflict is with the other party, your attorney should never resort to illegal and unethical means of arranging a divorce settlement.

Unethical legal technicalities can include deceiving the other party. Playing fair is both legal and professional. In the end, you should hire a skilled attorney that doesn’t have to break the rules to give you a preferable outcome.

Do You Need to Hire a Quality Divorce Attorney?

Now that you understand the qualities to look for in a divorce attorney, we would invite you to contact us about your case. Reach out today to discuss the merits of your case with quality Nebraska Legal Group divorce attorneys.

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