Kratom is a tree which is found in many parts of Southeast Asia. Ever since this plant was discovered, locals claim that it has some amazing healing properties which are same as opioid painkillers. Though no medical evidence confirms kratom has a safe medical drug, yet doctors prescribe their patients globally because they believe its leaves have the properties of some chemical compounds which can release stress and reduce anxiety. Kratom is banned in many parts of the world, yet accessible online through manufacturers who claim to provide lab-tested kratom.

Where can students get kratom from?

Kratom is illegal in the US but is available in many states. Ever since marijuana got legalized, the debate got even more intense. The substance control act bans its sale and purchase, and there is a heavy fine on those who try to use it. Kratom crazy is one such platform which sells top-notch kratom power which is lab tested. There are many ways in which kratom is being consumed by people today. Traditionally kratom leaves would be chewed, but now it is available in powder, capsules, tablets, tea, etc. Kratom kava bars are increasing because of its popularity in the US.

User claim kratom tea releases stress and causes a soothing effect on the body which can relax a person for several hours. Kratom kava is a very popular tea in many parts of the US. The issue is that kratom is also being used as a supplement by bodybuilders who claim that it helps in building up muscles and increases the work out time.

What are the dangers of using kratom every New York student must know?

Kratom is a very controversial drug which is rampantly being used globally. Shockingly even teenagers are using kratom powder these days and smoke it like weed. Last year there was a case reported in which a 27-year-old died from kratom overdose. Most users of kratom are teenagers and youngsters which is why they must know the dangers of this notorious drug. May teenagers claim that smoking kratom helps them get rid of anxieties and also helps in curtailing stress.

The problem is that government has a semi ban on kratom in multiple states. Some states allow its use whereas in some it is considered illegal. Despite the claimed medical benefits of kratom yet no medical evidence has surfaced which suggests that it can be used a medical drug. Many medical practitioners around the globe are already using kratom to treat their patients who are down with arthritis because other survivors claim it has many benefits.Teenagers need to be more aware of because it can have a severe effect on their health. Furthermore, with kratom being used in supplements, the case gets even more intense. Every year young people die from some supplement overdose or disorder in their body, therefore, it is crucial to stay alarmed. New York students must take a step back from using it for they can damage themselves to a great extent.

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