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What to Do About a Leaky Roof

About 40% of all building issues result from water getting into places where it shouldn’t. More often than not, this means that there is a roof leak. It isn’t just residential homes that experience leaks; you could discover that your commercial building has a leaky roof.

Follow this guide to know what steps to take if your building has a leaky roof.

Protect Your Belongings

Once you discover a leak in the roof, you’ll want to limit the damage. First, move any items in the water path, such as desks, file cabinets, seating, or electronics. Moving these items can limit the damage and loss your company experiences.

Fabrics are especially susceptible because the moisture gets into the fibers and fosters the growth of mold and mildew. Pressed and manufactured wood furniture is also vulnerable. The moisture gets into the wood, causing it to swell and split apart.

Contain the Water

An active water leak means water is on the move and accumulating. Try to contain the water as best as you can. This could mean using buckets to catch dripping water or tarps to channel the water away from the building.

Clean up the standing or pooling water. Allowing this water to sit can create more damage. Your insurance company will also want you to take the necessary steps to limit the damage and prevent further cleanup costs.

Identify the Source

You know the water is coming into your commercial building; now, you need to identify where the water is coming from. That way, you know where to start when making roof repairs.

If the water is coming from within the building, it could be a plumbing leak in the ceiling. If the water is coming in from outside the building, there may be holes in the roof that need repair.

Plumbing leaks require you to shut off the water supply to the building. Leaks from outside of the building mean you’ll want to put a tarp on the roof.

Take Pictures

If you plan to file a claim with your insurance company, you will need to submit pictures. Take pictures of the damage throughout the building. The more complete the documentation, the easier the claim process will be.

Hire Professional Roof Leak Repair

Don’t attempt to repair a roof leak yourself. Especially when it is a commercial roof leak. Instead, you’ll want to hire a commercial roofing company.

They will have the experience, knowledge, and tools required to make the necessary repairs. It can help to request quotes from multiple contractors. Ask about their recommended course of repairs and estimated repair costs.

Fix Your Leaky Roof

You can’t ignore a leaky roof. Water damage accumulates and only gets worse as time goes on. If you discover a leak in your roof, you need to act fast to limit the damage, stop the water flow, identify the source, and make the necessary repairs. Don’t forget to document everything to submit with your insurance claim.

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