You’ve worked hard to save up, and now you’re on a well-deserved cruise. But unfortunately, you’re not safe from the hazards of everyday life. Whether it’s a wire on the floor or a slippery deck, there are many scenarios where you can get hurt.

In case it happens, here’s a quick guide on what to do if you’re injured on a cruise.

Get Help at the Medical Office Onboard

When you’re injured, get a crew member and ask them to escort you to the medical office. There, you will get a thorough examination and treatment.

If you don’t feel like you need medical treatment, then move onto the next step.

File a Report

All cruise ships operate under the International Maritime Organization, which means they have to keep a log of all accidents that happen. When you’re injured, make sure it’s reported and documented. You should have to fill out a form for the accident report and that should take care of things.

If you’ve opted not to go to the medical office, stop by the Purser’s desk. Here, you can get an accident report form and fill it out there.

Have You Signed an “Assumption of Risk Form?”

Some cruise lines will have you sign an “assumption of risk form,” which lets them off the hook for responsibility should you get injured while you’re doing an activity under their watch. Should you get injured, then you’ll have to speak with a lawyer to see what impact it has on your case.

Don’t Make Preemptive Claims About Your Injury

You may be tempted to downplay the accident to make the cruise ship employees feel better, but that will only hurt your case. Be very tight-lipped about your condition, and don’t claim that it’s just something minor.

While initially, it may seem to be a minor injury, it can quickly develop into a serious infection. If you’ve said “it’s nothing” earlier, employees may note on your accident report that your injury was minor and your later claims may be seen as contradictory.

Contact a Lawyer

By working with a cruise ship injury lawyer, you’ll ensure that you get fair compensation for the injuries suffered. Because maritime legal issues can be very complex, make sure you specifically hire an attorney who is experienced in this area.

Make sure you get in touch with one as soon as you land, since your compensation depends on how quickly you file. Many cruise companies will have their policies written on their tickets, so check yours to see what your time limit is. Whatever their set time period is, it’s still best to file ASAP in case there are any bumps in the road. 

Injured on a Cruise? No Worries

Should you ever go on vacation and are injured on a cruise, now you know what to do so you’re covered legally. So you won’t have to worry about a thing besides having fun!

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