If you work a dangerous job, you are an essential part of our workforce. Someone has to do what you do and hopefully, you are paid well for your job. Unfortunately, there is always the chance that you may get hurt because of your work.

As a railroad worker, you are constantly around dangerous equipment and heavy machinery. If you suffer an injury on the job, it’s imperative to act quickly so that you get the best care possible.

Once you’re hurt, you may not be able to work for a while, which can leave you vulnerable. To prevent that, here’s what you should do after you’re hurt.

Go to Your Doctor

Can You Sue a Doctor For a Misdiagnosis

You pay for your insurance and the railroad pays part of your premiums. If you’re hurt while working on the railroad, they are liable to pay for your medical treatments. However, they cannot pick which doctor you can visit or authorize/deny medical treatments.

If a claims agent or supervisor tells you you can’t visit the doctor you choose or receive a treatment, do two things. First, look into railroad injury lawyers to represent you. Second, document the conversation.

The party/parties that tell you either of these things are breaking the law.

Give a Full Account of Your Injuries to Your Doctor

Full Account of Your Injuries

When you visit your doctor, provide as much detail as possible about how you received your injuries. A full account is important, so your doctor has documentation. You should tell them what happened, the date of your railroad injury, and which body parts were injured.

You should also explain how the injury happened. If the equipment you were using was faulty, the railroad may be responsible for damages.

When you visit your doctor, don’t let management pressure you into letting them speak with your doctor. The railroad may pay your bills, but they have no right to talk to them. Let your doctor know you don’t want management in the examination room.

Fill Out a Railroad Worker Injury Report

Railroad Worker Injury

All railroad worker injuries need to be reported to a supervisor as soon as they happen. Your boss should have you complete a personal injury report to detail how your accident occurred. Once you complete the form, ask your supervisor for a copy.

The most important thing to do is let management know you have been injured. You can fill out the form later, preferably after you talk to an attorney.

Protect Yourself Once You Sustain Injury

Some railroad companies will try to get one over on an injured railroad worker. if they are at fault, they will do anything to avoid paying for damages and treatment. You can protect yourself by going to your doctor, giving your doctor full details about your injuries, and filling out an injury report.

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