When our loved one goes to the lockup, and we have no money to post bail, our heart sinks. Posting bail takes cash and depending on the crime, the suspect’s bail bond can cost between a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars. The majority of the population does not have that kind of cash lying around in their homes when the need for a cash bail bond arises.

However, worry not! There are other options. Since the times are tough and tangling with the law can be expensive. First, you need to understand the basics of bail bonds.

Why are bail bonds necessary?

The US legal system believes that an arrested individual is innocent until the prosecutor proves them to be guilty. That means an arrested person should be able to return to normal life after his or her arrest until the legal system has enough proof to deem him or her guilty. That is necessary since the person would otherwise simply spend days or even years in the lockup waiting for the trial to be over.  

At the same time, the US legal system does not want real criminals to run away. So, it is necessary for the accused person to post bail. You could think of it as the security money one needs to pay to ensure his or her presence in court on the days of his or her trial. Generally, if the suspect shows up in court and abides by the bail terms, he or she can get the bail amount back. However, that’s only true if the accused has posted cash bail on their own, or a friend or family member has posted a cash bail on their behalf. Check out Remedy bail bonds to learn more about posting bonds at minimal cost for yourself or your loved someone.

How to post bail when you have little or no money?

So, what happens once you cannot afford to pay the bail amount? There are other ways to get out of lockup and return to your regular life –

Secure Bond

If you have no other options, you can work with a bail bonds company to post a bond that holds your property as security.

Signature bond

If the judge does not see you as a threat to the community and as a flight risk, he or she can allow a signature bond. It is always easier to work with an attorney to negotiate one.

Own Recognizance

It is rare, but the judge can review your case and allow an OR if you are not a flight risk or a threat to the community. It is only possible to get an OR when the committed crime is a misdemeanor, and you don’t warrant jail time before trial.

PR bond

Those with a criminal history devoid of violent records can post a PR bond. It has specific requirements like doing community service, taking classes and going for therapy.Posting bail bonds can be expensive for many. The reputable bail bond companies are here to help people post bail by giving only 10% of the bond amount to the bail bondsman, while the company takes the risk and responsibility accused being present in court on the specified date.

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