The meteoric rise of Amazon has seen it become the world’s biggest online marketplace. These days, literally millions of people are using Amazon to sell everything from clothes to electrical goods. Being locked out of your account can seriously affect your business as it is impossible for you to sell anything.

There are various reasons you are banned from selling on Amazon, and often it is due to some technical error or misunderstanding. When this happens, it is important to know how to solve the problem so that you can get back to your business and your customers.

Sometimes, however, nothing will help or work and your account will be banned indefinitely. Fortunately, there are places online like that sell and provide verified Amazon seller accounts.

That’s a perfect opportunity to get back selling again if you were suspended without any recovery options. If you have experienced this issue, here is what to do when you get banned from selling on Amazon.

Things To Do When You Are Banned From Selling On Amazon

1. Identify Why Your Account Was Suspended

The first thing you will need to do if you have been banned from selling on Amazon or your account has been suspended is to identify exactly what has happened. There are various reasons why Amazon may suspend your account. If your online store was deemed to be providing bad customer service because it had poor feedback from customers or you canceled many orders, Amazon may ban you for not living up to its seller standards.

Likewise, if you are judged to have violated trademarks or copyrights in your images, product titles, or product descriptions, Amazon can also suspend your account. The products themselves can also be a factor that results in your account being banned from selling on Amazon if they are suspected of being counterfeit or restricted items.

Identify Why Your Account Was Suspended

2. Appeal the Decision

Amazon is such a big, powerful organization, that many people wrongly believe that attempting to have a ban overturned is impossible. In fact, Amazon is very open to appeals as its entire business model is based around sellers operating correctly and being successful.

The best way to have a decision reversed is to submit an effective Plan of Action (POA) which explains exactly why you believe your account should be reinstated. Getting this POA right is key to a positive outcome so it is vital that you follow this guide:

  • Use your business’s letterhead – this will show Amazon that you are a professional outfit that is worth giving a second chance.
  • Write in a professional tone without making any accusations.
  • Identify positive things which your business has achieved as well as the rules and regulations which you have always adhered to.
  • Explain the mistake you made which led to the ban as well as how you will ensure it is not made again.

Appeal the Decision

Many people are wary about doing business online because they believe there is no recourse if something goes wrong. Amazon is such a huge company, however, that you do have rights when it comes to them canceling your business, and so it is always worth seeking legal assistance.

A specialist internet law attorney can help to advise you on how you should go about recovering your seller account and ensuring that it doesn’t get banned from selling on Amazon again. Internet attorneys know how to write effective POAs and can also speak to customers or other third parties who have reported you to Amazon.

In addition to helping you in the short-term to reactivate your account, having an experienced internet attorney will show Amazon that you are now taking the legal requirements of your online business seriously, and so are less likely to re-offend.

Your attorneys will also know which Amazon departments to contact if there are future issues with your account. Many people just attempt to contact the customer service department when their account is suspended, and when that doesn’t work, they just give up altogether.

Seek Legal Assistance

4. Resolve Third-Parties Complaints

Depending on why exactly you were banned from selling on Amazon, you will need to resolve any third-party complaints which were made to Amazon about your business.

These kinds of complaints are the main reason why accounts are suspended and having your reinstatement approved is often down to whether you have solved the problem. Make sure that you reach out to the complainants before you complete and submit the POA so that Amazon can see you have made an effort to address the issue.

Having your account suspended can be a massive financial blow, especially if it happens in the lead up to Christmas or around some other busy retail time. When your account is suspended, it can often be a mystery as you may have believed that you were doing everything according to Amazon’s rules.

It is important to know that there are ways to have your account reinstated. Appealing the decision, seeking a customer complaint withdrawal, and obtaining legal help can all help to reverse Amazon’s decision.

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