There are some things that you need to know hair transplant procedure done. Before you can have work done you need to decide how much money you are willing to spend on the procedure. 

Hair Transplant Before and After

You need to also choose a clinic which is reputable and has good reviews for hair transplant before and after. Asking friends for recommendations is also a good idea if you have friends who recently had work done to treat their hair loss problem. Check out

hair transplant before and after
Hair Transplant Result

Where you can see  some of the results of work that has been done by showing you hair transplant before and after photos of patients who have had various procedures done.

Before the hair transplant can be done

Prior to the procedure being done you first need to get a consultation with the expert at the clinic you have selected. The specialist needs to assess and evaluate the type of hair loss you have and the extent of hair loss or some times stem cell removes hair. They can classify your particular case using the Norwood scale which rates various levels of hair loss.

Your overall general health is also important for the doctors to know. This is because the specialists need to evaluate if you are first of all, medically fit enough for the procedure. Although the procedure is not any type of major surgery there are times when a person may not be well enough to have the work done right away.

Medical Conditions

The other issue is that certain medical conditions or medications you are taking could actually be causing the stimulating hair growth or loss or making the situation worse to some extent. It is important that you are completely honest with your specialist because drugs, smoking, and alcohol use do impact your hair growth and health.

You need to not drink alcohol or smoke a short while before you have the hair transplant done. The hair transplant specialist can advise you how does hair transplant work on when to stop drinking and smoking.

After the hair transplant is done

You may experience some pain and swelling after your hair transplant procedure. The clinic where you have the work done will probably give you pain medicine or even antibiotics to take to prevent infection. You need to pay close attention to the instructions that you are given hair transplant.

Avoid Some Bad Habit

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as this will make it more difficult for your scalp and hair to recover. Follow a healthy diet that is nutritious and take it easy for the first few days after the procedure.

In other words if you are used to working out strenuously, it is advisable to wait a while before doing such exercise. Most likely you will be able to return to work within two to three days, but even then you should not overdo it.

It does take time for the scalp to recover and there will be a period of time when the hair follicles shed. This is perfectly normal and you can expect new hair to grow in by about 6 to 9 months.

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