Have you been wrongfully injured by a negligent driver? Well, the first step is to hire a car accident attorney. With the best representation, you have an upper hand in the settlement negotiations. This maximizes your compensation.

Also, the right personal injury lawyer will help you get the best medical treatment. Before the settlement negotiations, you must have your first meeting after the car accident.   

Want to know what to expect when meeting with a car accident attorney?  

In this post, we highlight what happens during your first attorney consultation. 

Assessment of Your Case

Meeting your car accident attorney may give you anxiety but if you prepare yourself well, you will be at ease. By now, your personal injury lawyer free consultation took place over the phone or online. 

In your first meeting, your attorney will need to have a full picture of who, what, when and where of your car accident. By this, we mean explaining the facts of the car accident.    

What injuries did you sustain? Were there any witnesses? Have you spoken to an insurance adjuster?  

Do you have any car insurance or health insurance coverage? Have you spoken to your family or friends? Have you spoken with anyone involved in the accident?  

These are some of the questions your attorney will ask to learn more about your case.

You will also need to provide the following documents:  

  • Police reports  
  • Car repair invoices  
  • Medical bills  
  • Emails from insurance companies  
  • Copies of insurance claims and insurance cards  
  • Bills from the hospital, chiropractor and physical therapist  
  • Name and address of the hospital you were first taken and the dates admitted   

Your attorney may also request your prescription medication and photos of the accident scene. Remember, your first meeting will be in the presence of a paralegal. 

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Offer Insight into the Case

As a professional, a car accident attorney has the obligation of guiding his client through the complex legal system. By doing so, he helps the client understand the process. In your first meeting, the attorney needs to offer insight into your case.   

He should also explain the necessary steps that will help to ensure a successful outcome. For instance, filing legal briefs.   

Communication is also vital. As you recuperate in the hospital, your lawyer should open lines of communication. 

This is beneficial. How? You get to discuss the attorney fees. A vast majority of attorneys charge contingency fees. This means he will receive payment once you win your case or settle your claim.  

Regular conversations about your injuries, health or legal developments keep you informed. As a victim, it is important to explain to your attorney how pain and suffering are affecting you and your family. 

Doing so allows your attorney to build a strong case against the defendant. Remember, all your meetings are protected by the attorney-client privilege. Do not withhold any information as this may hurt your case. 

Finding the Best Car Accident Attorney

To find the right car accident attorney, start with referrals from family and friends. For every recommended candidate, find out his education level, and legal experience. Once you select the right attorney, make sure you enter into a written retainer agreement. 

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