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What to Expect When You Stop Drinking: How Will Your Body Change?

Alcohol is an embedded part of many cultures. Some have a glass with dinner, and a drink with friends. Some people have a drink when they get home from work.

It can be a social and emotional lubricant that becomes problematic. If you have more than 7-14 drinks a week, you may want to take a break for a while. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to stop drinking and experience the benefits.

Keep reading to discover what happens to your body when you stop drinking.


In the first few days after you first stop drinking your body will go into detox mode. Your liver starts working to remove the alcohol from your system.

You’re dehydrated and probably suffering from a carb crash. When you have alcohol in your system, your body starts to crave carbohydrates in response to the increased insulin.

This is what causes the notorious hangover. 

After a few days you will begin to feel normal again. If you have been binge drinking for 5 or more days out of a month, you will experience more acute withdrawal symptoms.

Weight Loss

Most alcoholic drinks only have about 100 to 200 calories. In moderation, this doesn’t pack on the pounds. If you regularly have more than one or two drinks a night, this can add up.

Calories are the energy we get from food. Some foods, however, contain calories but no nutritional value. So when your body goes to burn it, these calories just end up stored as fat. This also means you will have to consume more calories to meet your nutritional needs.

Your Mood Might Change

Sometimes people can use alcohol as an emotional buffer. It helps them relax or to handle hard emotions. When this is gone, those emotions will still be there contributing to a shift in mood. As you learn to handle different situations without the help of alcohol, this will subside. 

Also, drinking is often a social activity. If your friends are drinking and having fun, you can feel left out when you stop drinking alcohol. You can also feel left out if you’re dating while sober.

This happens with all activities that cause a change in behavior. If your friends are always eating junk food and you’re trying to lose weight, you can feel left out.

You’re Sex Life Improves

When you’re drinking it can interrupt how much you enjoy sex. Alcohol can contribute to vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction. It also leads to riskier behavior. Risky sexual behavior can drastically change the quality of your life.

A Stop Drinking Expert can help if you find it difficult to stop on your own.

When You Stop Drinking You Have More Time to Focus On What Matters

You don’t have to be falling all over yourself to want to quit drinking. Drinking numbs you to what is going on around you. When you stop drinking you are able to be more present. You will notice the details in your life.

When you are more present with your life, you can decide if you want to make other changes to improve it. You can find things that you actually enjoy and that contribute to your fulfillment.

If you or a friend are recovering from addiction, click here to for some tips to keep going.

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