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What to Get Dad: 10 Must-Know Father’s Day Gifts

You probably know your father as a content guy who doesn’t seem to want more things. If this is the case then you’re probably struggling to figure out what to actually get him.

Should you go with a whiskey flask? Maybe a classic leather wallet? Could a sports watch work?

No need to stress yourself out. We’ve put together a list of 10 must-know father’s day gifts that you need to know about.

See the list and get the idea

1. Personalized Men’s Bracelet

For someone who has been there for you through thick and thin, a sentimental gift is an ideal way to go. You’ll be able to show how you value your dad’s support and how you’ll do your best to always be there for him. One of the best father’s day gift for this purpose is a personalized men’s bracelet.

You can choose a bracelet that shows appreciation and reveals your unwavering love. You can go with leather, silver, stainless steel or braided rope bracelets. Pick an emotional message or an icon that he can relate to and etch it on the bracelet.

2. Men’s Grooming Kit

Physical attractiveness always matters. Thus, you can make an impressive statement this year by giving your father a gift of grooming. Instead of going for an electric shaver or a pair of clippers, why not consider a set of grooming essentials?

A decent kit contains complementary products needed to maintain specific grooming aspects. It could be skincare, facial hair, nails, or hair care. A dad’s beard care kit can comprise a pocketable mustache comb, beard wax, and beard oil.

3. Father’s Day Clothing

Clothes seem to be the most straightforward option among dad’s day gifts ideas. But they aren’t. Think of your father’s style so you can choose something classic or custom made.

You could also consider upgrading some things he already has. For instance, a trendy slide-in or moccasin-style sandal could be perfect to replace his old flip-flops. Addin a new “best dad ever” t-shirt to his collection is never a bad idea.

Always consider something unique that matches their taste. For instance, go for a color they like or something that reminds them of their favorite old apparel.

4. Engraved Pocket Knife

A pocket knife remains one of the most useful accessories for men. Nothing can parallel its reliability, especially during emergencies. You can use it to cut the coolest things or use it for a minor thing like cutting threads on the hem of your pants.

When engraved or personalized, it can turn into a cherished tool. There are knives for an outdoor enthusiast, a culinary doyen, or a survivalist. If your dad or husband is a superstitious kind, remember to attach a penny to the knife.

5. Cool Wine Rack

If your father is a wine fanatic then a wine rack will be the most befitting gift for him this father’s day.

Any wine lover will adore a quality wine rack, especially if it has cool features and extra functions. Make sure it matches decor if he keeps his bottles in a certain room or bar area. So, if your father is a self-acclaimed wine expert, you can always find a suitable gift in the wine rack section.

6. Top Quality Cologne

With countless dad’s day gift options, you may wonder why to opt for a cologne. Well, a good cologne stands out as a versatile gift that is also long-lasting. It has many uses for a variety of occasions, including romantic dates or a day at work.

Also, it’s a gift that can create a signature scent for your father.

Consider a classy cologne like Paco Rabanne 1 million. It can show that you value your dad, and you’ve thought well of them. Plus, they’ll use the perfume every day, making it a magnificent symbol of affection.

7. Father’s Day Coffee Mug

A personalized coffee mug for father’s day gift is a cool, thoughtful. It’s timeless and useful, especially if your dad is an avid coffee or tea drinker.

A simple loving message or a photo of you and your family will always remind your dad of your gratitude every morning. Customization of a mug is typically affordable and easy to find a service for. One can never have too many mugs!

8. Photo Collage

Another way to surprise your dad is to make them a photo collage of precious family moments. Upload some of his photos on a mug or a canvas. You can add some custom messages on the collage to create a perfectly themed gift.

9. Personalized Leather Smartphone Holster

Cell Phone holsters are one of the most popular Daddy’s accessories. There’s a chance you’ve seen one dangling from your dad’s waist. The former US president Barack Obama also had a penchant for leather holsters (and made it look cool as a dad).

You can expect it to fit in as a father’s day gift. A leather holster to protect and carry his phone would be an excellent surprise. Your dad might find himself dropping his phone frequently and a holster can be handy.

10. A Classic Watch

A decent watch is always a perfect gift for dads if you’re still too doubtful about a father’s day gift. Most men wear few accessories so watches are classic universal pieces.

Make sure you find a style that goes with his overall taste. Getting him a stylish watch is the perfect way to add to his accessory collection if that’s important to him.

How to Choose Father’s Day Gifts

Hopefully, you’ve gotten some good ideas to help you from this father’s day gifts list. To select the best gift, be as practical as possible. Go for something they are not likely to shop for themselves.

You can opt for a personalized gift that is more pleasing and is sure to touch their heart. Your father will more than likely appreciate whatever gift comes from you.

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