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What to Look for in a Good Injury Lawyer

In case someone else’s actions resulted in injuries after an accident, hiring a good attorney to help in getting a reasonable settlement is important. On the other hand, if accused, a personal injury lawyer will offer legal aid against anyone bringing such a case against you.

In either case, it is essential to get an affordable attorney that you feel comfortable working with. Remember that you have to file lawsuits within a given period failure to which the statute of limitations shall run and prevent you from filing your case. Also, whether you want to crowdsource or hire an individual injury lawyer, it is important to know what to look for in an injury lawyer.

Here is a list of my top tips to help you get the right representation.

Good Track Record

If your injuries are severe, you will require a large settlement and only a lawyer with a good history of high settlements and verdicts can help you get the compensation you deserve. Ask your lawyer if they have had any million dollar settlements in the past and whether they are among the Million Dollar Advocates members.

This organization is made up of lawyers who have made settlements worth at least a million dollars. Some cases are worth less than this amount, but in case you have such a case, look for an attorney who has been successful in the past.


You can get referrals from friends, family members, or other lawyers. If anyone you know has hired a good injury lawyer in the past, they could be the right people to contact. It is also not uncommon for lawyers to refer clients to one another. Lawyers know other experienced attorneys who handle personal injury cases.

Note that every person responds differently to an attorney’s personality and style; therefore, don’t settle for an attorney without doing further investigations about them. One thing I tell my clients is that meeting an attorney in person will help understand them better and know what it feels like to work with them.

Lawyer With Resources for Your Case

A good injury lawyer near me is one with the right resources to handle the cases brought their way. Such a lawyer is successful, and you can tell by looking around in their office. The appearance of an office can tell if a lawyer is doing well or not.

If your injury case is serious, it will be expensive to prepare. It will require the presence of many different experts such as accident reconstructionist, economists, doctors, and biomechanics, among others. These people have to be paid; thus, ensure that the lawyer has the funds needed to make a strong case.

Your Employer

Another person that I recommend you turn to is your employer. Talk to your employer to know if the company offers its employees discounted legal services via a general employee assistance program or special program.

Although this may not always help you get the best injury lawyer, you can acquire the basic legal documents needed at affordable costs. It also helps you get the information you need to decide whether you have a case or not and the type of case you may have against the perpetrator. This information will be crucial because you’ll get it before you hire an attorney; thus, it can save you a lot of money.

Court Experience

Having been in the law industry for many years, I have seen inexperienced injury lawyers who market themselves very well to lure unsuspecting clients. However, they lack in-court experience, which is what most personal injury cases need.

Such an attorney will convince you to settle out of court as it is cheaper and takes less time. Once an insurance company realizes that your attorney doesn’t want to settle the case in court, it will offer very little or no compensation.

My advice to you is to keep away from such lawyers because insurers see the attorney’s fear of the jury and their settlement will not be fair to you. ChasenBoscolo injury lawyers have years of experience handling in-court settlements and would be a great choice for you.

Follow Your Gut

In the past, when I had to look for an injury lawyer near me, I went for one who showed genuine care for, not just the case but for me as well. A good attorney should show concern for your current and future well-being.

Some attorneys are led by greed for money, but a genuine one will be frank and focus equally on the weak and strong parts of the case. Always follow your gut feeling before hiring an attorney. Whenever you don’t feel good about a certain lawyer, look for another one who you feel at ease discussing your case.

Local Bar Associations

Most of the local bar associations that I have come across have attorney referral services where you can find lawyers specializing in different areas. You can visit or call the bar association in your locality and ask for their help in choosing an injury lawyer.

While bar associations have a variety of lawyers, they do not perform exhaustive background checks on them. Therefore, make sure to arrange a meeting with the lawyer before you decide to hire them. There’s a lot you can learn from a lawyer by doing your own evaluation to help make reasonable hiring decisions.

Injury Lawyer

Finding the right legal representation just got easier with the above qualities of an injury lawyer. However, it is after finding an injury lawyer that the real work begins. You need to come up with a fee agreement and have it in written form. Also, you can retain one copy and give another to your attorney.

Do not forget to keep communicating with your attorney to know the progress of the case at each stage.

Injury Lawyers should represent all their clients without prejudice. They ought to prioritize the needs of the client and gather all evidence to make a compelling personal injury case in court.

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