The Vikings formed a rich part of Medieval history. Especially if you travel to Europe, you will find that there are many museums dedicated to Vikings. With modern shows depicting the lives and culture of this brave and courageous Nordic tribe, all the more that the hype for anything Viking-related has increased. As each fanatic strives to own a piece of Viking history with them, one of the most common purchases are drinking horns.

The Viking drinking horns of today aren’t quite like what they had in the past. Naturally, those that are available in the market today are more refined and better-made versions. Because of its popularity, there are numerous businesses that have just started operating with Viking-related products as their niche. But for you to have the best, the features must stay consistent. If you are headed out to shop for Viking horns, what is it that you must look out for? Read more below to find out.

1. Its One-Of-A-Kind Features

The best Viking drinking horn manufacturers can give you unique options, wherein no two horns will ever be alike. This means that you will have a horn that is entirely yours. As you purchase a Viking horn cup, be sure to ask about this. Each Viking horn is made by hand, and you can even have it customized according to your specific requests. You can choose the color, shape, and also the finish. So, if there is a horn cup that you want to be copied from any of your favorite shows, you can now achieve that, too.

2. Its Genuine Material

Since you will be buying a one-of-a-kind piece, it is best that you also choose one that promises to be made of genuine materials. Why go for plastic horns when you can ask for one that is as authentic as it can be? If you are looking for one of the best, go for Ox horns. You will know that you have an original one because you are going to be issued with a Certified Livestock Certificate. Before these are sold to the general public, each horn and livestock raw material is also inspected for quality control. As you choose the material, be sure that you examine it thoroughly and leave no stone unturned.

3. Its Packaging

This matters most if you are looking for a horn to give as a gift. The packaging should be as authentic as it can be. Think Medieval Age. The best Viking drinking horns usually come with a burlap sack as a part of its packaging. This helps ensure that your drinking horn also stays safe even while it is packaged. If you are to present the horn as a gift, then why not go all-out with the packaging itself?

4. Its Stand

A part of your Viking drinking horn should also be its stand. Just one look at it, and you’d probably ask how you’re going to set it on the table when it is filled to the brim with drinks if it doesn’t have a stand? As you buy one, be sure that you purchase one with a stand instead, though most do come as a set. The design should be as coherent as possible with the main drinking horn itself. If you are to display your drinking horn, it should still look as authentic and beautiful without sacrificing its value just because of the stand.

5. Its Coating

This feature is one of the most important reasons why you have to select your drinking horn cup carefully. Do not just go for any drinking horn that you randomly see. Picking a drinking horn with the right coating is just as important as picking one with a good design. This is especially true if you are going to use the Viking horn to serve drinks, and not merely as decoration. Make sure that the coating of your Viking horn is made of 100% food-safe lacquer. It should always be safe and non-toxic.

6. Its Warranty

Viking drinking horn cups do come with a hefty price tag. If you are going to spend for the most authentic one possible, you should also check the warranty that the manufacturer is going to provide for you. Most Viking drinking horn manufacturers give out a one-year warranty. This is for any workmanship defect that may have been overlooked, or with the kind of material that is in place.


If you’re looking for a Viking drinking horn to take you back to the Viking age, you are now one step ahead of your search. If you were left unsure and confused as to what it is you should be looking for, you now have better answers to your questions. This list of features should be enough to help lead you to the best Viking drinking horn that you could purchase today. The next time friends come over to your home, your drinking horn will undoubtedly be an excellent conversation starter.

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