Corporate conferences are huge events for businesses looking to grow, influence and be seen by their competitors and clients alike. They’re an opportunity to share what you’re about, what you’re working on, and what your vision for the future has in store. The success of such conferences will depend, in no small way, on what you take along with you. In this article, we’ll look at the three most important things you need to be bringing to a corporate conference, so that you’re assured success for your time spent at your booth or stall.

Information About Corporate Conference

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Your firm wants to convey information to passing conference attendees. You’ll achieve this with a number of items that you can take along to conference, including:

  • Banners that announce your firm, your logo, and your mission statement
  • Leaflets that visitors can take with them, including contact details and your website address
  • A TV with a looped video showing what it is that you do
  • A computer with slides that you can use in presentations if you have a slot at the conference

All of these items should be seen as essential. Those that you don’t use at this conference, or don’t give out to attendees, can be saved for future events, ensuring that you’re always able to impart information to those interested in your firm.

Branded Merchandise

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There are two key reasons that you should bring branded merchandise to your conference. One is that you can dress your people in a bright and recognizable uniform, as provided by the likes of Anthem branding. The other is that you can sell, or give out for free, branded trinkets that’ll always remind those in possession of them what your company is about.

On the latter point, it’s relatively cheap to give out ballpoint pens with your logo on the side. Some firms opt for stress balls or mousepads. Whatever you choose, they’ll live long lives in the ownership of other people in the corporate world, helping to build your marketing and brand recognizably long after you’ve packed up shop and left the conference.


Have a network of empowering people

Finally, the people you choose to bring along to the conference will always be the most important asset. You’re looking for your firm’s brightest and most informed people, as well as those who will be happy to spend all day on their feet evangelizing about your firm. So you’re looking for people skills plus a deep knowledge of your business, so that you can properly share stories about your work with others.

You might be able to select these people from memory, given that smaller businesses tend to know which of their workers would be more appropriate in a conference setting. But you could also send out a quick survey or an open invite list. This will help you train up and unearth talent that is invisible to you – introducing you to staff members who are passionate about promoting your business at conferences.

Get ready to pack people and materials into a bus for your next conference, bringing with you the essential items that’ll help you make an impact and drive business success.

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