In a world where we share anything we want on social media, you’d think that we’re more open than ever. Yet we have to filter ourselves and second guess everything we say out loud. Over time, this stops us from being able to see our true thoughts and feelings as easily as perhaps we should.

Journaling can free up our minds but many people struggle with what to write about in a journal. The secret is to remember that nobody but you will read it. Your journal is a judgment-free space where you can ramble as much as you like.

If you’re intimidated by the blank page, keep reading. We’ll give you some easy ideas to write about in your journal.

1. What You Enjoyed About Today

We whizz through our days on autopilot much of the time. When we don’t stop to take notice of the things that happen, we stop appreciating all the goodness in our lives.

Being mindful of everything we do allows us the space to take more pleasure in our everyday activities. Your journal is the perfect place to reflect on the things you enjoyed about today.

2. Why a Certain Thing or Person Annoys You

This might seem like a strange thing to want to journal about but it can have sweeping benefits. Is there a person who frustrates you often? Or a situation that annoys you? When you explore the reasons for the frustration, you might well find them fading away.

You might feel frustrated because someone makes you feel invisible, or not good enough. Perhaps a situation reminds you of a bad experience from your past. When you can identify the underlying reasons for your negative feelings, you can take steps to deal with them.

3. Places You’d Love to Visit

Journals are brilliant for self-reflection and developing more self-awareness but they’re also great for putting your goals onto paper. Make a list of the places you’d love to visit in your lifetime. From cities to national parks, countries to regions, nothing is out of bounds.

Paper journals have long been traditional but an online journal suits a lot of people better. Add your entries no matter where you are and choose designs that inspire you to journal often and read back through your entries.

4. Things You’d Like to Learn

There’s no reason to stop learning when you leave formal education. With lots of free online courses and endless books to read, you can learn almost anything.

Journal about the things you’d love to learn and soon you’ll be on the road to exploring them.

5. Self-Care Practices That Are Important to You

Self-care isn’t just a buzzword, it’s essential. After all, you can’t look after anyone else until you can look after yourself.

Dedicate a journal page to self-care practices that are important to you, whether you do them already or not. Write out why they matter and every time you look at it, it’ll remind you to take care of yourself.

What to Write About in a Journal

It’s easy to air our opinions online but we’re always modifying them for an audience. With a journal, you have utter freedom to express yourself in private with no pressure from anyone else.

It can be hard to know what to write about in a journal so start out with these simple ideas. Soon you’ll find the words flowing easily and your mind opening up.

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