The priority of new pickup truck owners is to protect the truck bed protection as it bears the brunt of the items loaded into it. Thus, protecting the truck bed is akin to protecting their investment. In addition, they want the truck to last beyond its expected lifetime, primarily if it will be used as a means of transport and a business vehicle.

The primary protection for a truck bed is a bed liner. Several bed liners are available in the market, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, some truck bed protection is easy to install but not permanent, while others, such as the bed liners from Durabak, are durable and last for many years.

Selecting the truck bed protection that fits your needs

Selecting the truck bed liner

Several factors come into play when you’re choosing an appropriate truck bed liner. The first and foremost is the budget. After that, you consider how you use the truck, the materials you load into it, and how frequently you drive it. Additionally, you want to consider the protection your truck bed needs.

Here are the other factors to consider. Again, knowing their pros and cons before you go out and shop will help you pick the right bed liner.

Temporary or permanent bed liner

You might need a bed liner temporarily because you often use it as a personal car. Thus, you can choose a rug or mat bed liner that is easy to install and remove. But if you want something permanent, roll-on/brush-on or spray-type bed liner will be excellent choices.

The right texture

The right texture

If you work by yourself and want to make your work easier, a mat or plastic bed liner could be the right choice. The bed liner allows you to slide the items into the truck quickly. But if you want to prevent the materials from rolling around the truck, which can cause damage to the items and the truck bed itself, a textured bed liner, such as a spray-on liner, would be a better choice.

Ease of installation

A truck bed rug or mat is the easiest to install. A drop-in bed liner is customized as it needs to fit the inner dimension of your truck bed. The manufacturer will install it for you. For better results, a roll-on/brush-on or spray-on bed liner should be installed by a professional. Moreover, these materials emit toxic fumes during installation; thus, the installer needs to wear protective gear to prevent health and safety risks.

Ease of maintenance

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Rugs and mats are easy to maintain. They are the wash-and-wear type of bed liner. A drop-in plastic bed liner is also easy to clean. But since there is a tendency for small debris and dirt to go through the gaps between the liner and the inner wall of the truck bed, you have to remove the entire liner to ensure that rust and corrosion are not accumulating underneath the liner. On the other hand, the spray-on liner is easy to wash and clean. Since the liner is tough and durable, it requires very little maintenance.

As you can see, there are several factors to consider. You can make the right choice by considering your needs and the things you do with your truck. Think about the cost implications of each type versus their value for money. Some are cheap but need replacement often. Some should be custom-made, while some require the services of a professional installer.

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