What’s a Good Beginner Motorcycle?

Ready to take your mode of travel to the next level? But cannot understand which would be a good beginner motorcycle for you? However, it might be time to start looking at motorcycles to get you from point A to point B. But there are a plethora of them to consider, to the point that it can become very confusing to find the one that’s right for you. Before you jump right in, it might be best to take a look at a few beginner motorcycle so that you have a good starting point for your riding journey.

What Makes A Good Beginner Motorcycle?

Before you can take a trip to glenwood springs dealerships, you should first know what makes a good starting motorcycle. There’s no such thing as a perfect first motorcycle, but there are some that are more suited as a first bike than others. You have to take into account engine size, the size and weight of the bike, and speed

As a first bike, you’re better off going for a used cycle than a brand new one because you’re no doubt going to drop and scrape it the first few times you use it, so why waste money on a brand new one?


Cruisers are always a great beginner motorcycle, as they have a variety of engine sizes to choose from and have low-slung saddles that allow you to ride in a relaxed position. They’re great for touring and long rides between cities so that you can get the most out of your bike.


Sportsbikes are focused on ergonomics and performance, so they have a lot of horsepower behind them. They’re meant to go at very high speeds so they might not be the best choice for the faint of heart, but they might still offer other benefits. However, they work well in performance when it comes to traffic and has very precise control if that’s something you’re looking for.

Standard Motorcycles

What exactly is a standard motorcycle? It’s usually somewhere between a cruiser and a sportsbike. Cruisers allow you to lean back while sportbikes require you to sit forward; standard cycles have an upright riding position somewhere in the middle. They’re comfortable to use, are relatively lightweight, and are pretty easy to control.

Beginner Motorcycle: Before You Get A Motorcycle

There are some requirements before you can even consider purchasing a motorcycle, no matter which one you go with. You should first take a motorcycle safety course so that you know the rules of riding and what hazards you’re likely to face while riding, which are very different from driving a car. After taking the course, you’ll be endorsed for a motorcycle license that you can register for so that you can start riding on the road.

You should be comfortable with the motorcycle you’re riding on for an extended period of time, so it pays to try a few out and find the one that suits you. If you need some help trying out a few bikes, seeing which ones you can handle, and what would be best for your needs, contact your local dealer at your earliest convenience to find out which motorcycle will meet your needs.

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