Let’s be honest. You rarely think about cleaning your attic.

That’s understandable because you rarely set foot there anyway. Also, the idea of attic cleaning sounds scary because it’s the part not in plain view in the house.

However, as time goes by, dust and dirt collect on boxes and the attic floor. Rats and other small animals may also infest the attic. This may damage the insulation systems and cause poor energy efficiency.

We’ve put together five essential attic cleaning tips for homeowners.

1. Remove Belongings

Carry out all boxes and furniture from the attic space. For heavy or big items, put them on one corner and cover them before you begin cleaning.

Start by removing the large items first, such as televisions and chairs. You may consider selling some unwanted items or donating them to a local charity.

If there are any fabrics in the attic, put them in a washing machine or hose them down in the open. The thorough cleaning is for getting rid of dust and other tough stains.

2. Inspect for Mold

It’s often hard to see mold in an attic. The black-gray type of mold grows and spreads very fast. Mold can also be green, orange, brown, or white in color.

A musky smell and excess moisture are common signs of mold presence. Mold may also leave a recognizable pattern like a circle. It may also discolor metal in the attic.

Cleaning mold can be difficult if you have breathing problems or allergies. If the situation is severe, you can seek out an attic cleaning service to inspect and clean it.

3. Inspect Insulation before Attic Cleaning

If rodents infested the attic, it is very likely they chewed through your insulation and built nests. If this the case, your insulation needs repair or replacement.

However, if the joists are covered and there is no sign of damage, there’s no need for replacement. So, be sure to do a thorough inspection before attic cleaning.

Rat droppings and holes are common signs of rodents living in the attic.

4. Dust Away

Use a duster with electronic charges to get rid of dust and dirt on surfaces. Dust off all windows, baseboards, wooden beams and walls. Clean the duster if it holds too much dirt.

Consider buying a duster with a long handle for dusting hard-to-reach corners and spots.

5. Vacuum and Sweep

A vacuum will clean a large amount of dust more effectively than a broom during attic cleaning. The best vacuum has canister-filter abilities to trap all dust particles. A broom would otherwise push the dirt and dust particles to the air.

Vacuuming helps get rid of dust mites, allergens and decaying insects from the attic. Long-handle brushes and extensions can be used to clean hard-to-reach spots and crevices.

Dust mites consist of dead insect parts and waste which pose health risks. It’s essential to be safe by wearing masks and protective gear during attic cleaning. Put on knee-pads to protect against injury from nails and wood splinters.


With the above attic cleaning tips, cleaning your attic and keeping it in shape shouldn’t be difficult.
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