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What’s the Best Bed Height for a Master Bedroom?

Did you know the average cost of a new bed frame is around $216 but some cost around $1,500 on the high end? So, it’s important to select the right bed height for your room before dropping that kind of cash!

Choosing the wrong height for your bed frame can make or break the look of your master bedroom. Are you struggling to decide which type of frame would enhance your space?

The following guide will explore different bed frame heights and when to use them.

What’s the Average Bed Height?

Between 16 to 24 inches above the ground is a standard bed height with the frame and mattress included. If you sit at the end of your bed, your leg should be at about a 90-degree angle for standard setups.

Some consider 18 to 28 inches to be an average range for bed heights. Keep in mind that it largely depends on the height of the person using the bed. Go with an average bed frame height if you wish to have a more traditional look for your bedroom.

Platform Bed Frames

A platform bed height sits right around 18 inches and gives off a minimalist look with it being low to the ground. You can check out this cherry platform bed to get an idea of the style.

You don’t need a box spring underneath your mattress with a platform bed. It’s a great way to make a smaller room appear more spacious. Platform bed frames provide both a sleek look and more room for storage.

They have fewer parts so platform bed frame assembly is usually a breeze. Platform frames might also help relieve back pain and give you a better night’s sleep.

Bunk Bed Height

You’ve probably considered a bunk bed if you have two children sharing the same bedroom, but they can also work in a master bedroom. The idea is that the bottom gets used for seating or storage and one bed goes up top.

Know that the standard height for bunk beds is around 65 inches tall. Just make sure that there are at least 33 to 36 inches between the bunk beds and the ceiling. Bunk beds can make small apartment bedrooms or studio spaces much more functional.

Adjustable Height Bed Frame

Adjustable height bed frames can change from about 12 to 18 inches and give you the option of both low a mid-level heights. Some even lift the top and bottom sections between 40 and 70 degrees to provide unique comfortable positions.

These frames cay make a room stand out and they’re also versatile if you move them to a different room eventually. Changing the shape makes reading books, using a laptop, or watching television in bed much more comfortable.

Health benefits of adjustable frames include reduced back pain, reduced leg swelling, less acid reflux, and better circulation. They can even help with snoring, asthma, and sleep apnea. If you struggle with insomnia, this might be the right bed frame.

Ready to Choose a Bed Height?

Now you have bed height options for every master bedroom style. You can keep it traditional with a standard height, go sleek with a platform frame, save space with a bunk, or get an adjustable bed frame for comfort and versatility.

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