53% of website traffic comes from organic searches. To build your presence online, it’s well worth learning search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

If you’re trying to figure out how to learn SEO, however, it can be hard to know where to start. There’s a lot to learn about SEO and the trends and algorithms are changing regularly.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you out. In this guide, we’ll tell you about the best way to learn SEO.

Find Free Online Resources

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One of the best ways to learn SEO basics is to make use of any free online resources that you can find.

Everything you need to know about SEO has been shared in blog posts, videos, and online content already, so you can learn quite a bit if you do some digging and look in the right places. You’ll be able to learn keyword research, link building, on-site optimization, and a lot more.

If you want to get started with learning the basics of SEO, you may want to check out The HOTH Learning Hub.

Use SEO Groups and Forums

To learn SEO, you should also be a part of a dedicated community. It’s a good idea to look for online forums to join that can allow you to learn from your peers and ask questions when necessary.

Some of the best places to look for SEO groups include Reddit and Facebook. You might also want to use a site such as Quora to ask questions and to get advice from SEO experts.

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Look for a Mentor

If you want to learn SEO quickly, it can be helpful to have a mentor that you trust. If you know anyone that is knowledgeable about SEO techniques and has a lot of experience, you might want to seek their guidance.

Having someone that you can talk to directly about SEO and who can steer you in the right direction can be invaluable. With a mentor, you’ll be able to learn SEO much more quickly and will avoid getting bogged down or making mistakes in the process.

Learn By Doing

If you’re learning SEO, don’t wait too long before you start putting it into action. You should aim to start applying SEO techniques quickly to get a better grasp of what you’ve learned and to gain new skills.

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Even experienced SEO professionals are learning new things regularly. Search engine algorithms and SEO best practices change every year.

If you want to learn SEO and gain experience, start applying what you learn immediately.

Understanding the Best Way to Learn SEO

As you can see, there are several good ways to learn SEO techniques and build on your current skillset. The best way to learn SEO is to use a combination of the above methods. Be sure to make use of online resources, join SEO groups, and start applying what you learn immediately.

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