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What’s the Difference Between a Broadway and Off-Broadway Show?

When most people think of Broadway, they immediately think of live plays in New York. Some of these people have probably never even heard of off-Broadway shows before. Broadway shows are not just enjoyed in New York, however, and there is a key difference to understand between Broadway and off-Broadway theatres. The key difference is actually the seating size!

How many people can a Broadway theatre seat?

Broadway theatres can seat at least 500 people. Originally used to note theatres that show plays and musicals in Manhattan, the term is now used elsewhere where people can enjoy Broadway shows. The Broadway shows in Jacksonville are well loved by locals and tourists alike. Broadway shows are a great alternative to the movies, and offer an exciting experience for friends, family and lovers alike.

How many people can an off-Broadway theatre seat?

Off-Broadway theatres can be considerably smaller than their counterpart. In fact, they can have as little as 100 seats! They cannot have more than 499 seats, however, or they move to the Broadway theatre category. There are some theatres with less than 100 seats considered off-off-Broadway since they are so small. Regardless of their size, each theatre aims to provide a great experience for their patrons.

What are some of the similarities of Broadway and off-Broadway theatres?

Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway theatres have important similarities as well. They all host primarily plays and musicals and favor such productions over concerts. The seating size also does not determine the quality of their shows or their actors and actresses. In fact, they all do their best to deliver amazing productions!

What are some of the minor differences?

Broadway shows are the only ones eligible for the Tony Awards. There is also a direct correlation with the size of the theater and how much income and expenses the theatre has, as well as how much employees get paid. Broadway productions are multi-million-dollar affairs, while the average off-Broadway production costs around $1 million.

Are there benefits to attending one kind of Broadway theatre vs. another?

There are benefits and drawbacks to attending each type of theatre. Attending a Broadway show is a great way to see a big production, schmooze and people watch. It comes with a higher price tag, though. With off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway productions, you can watch a great show for less money, and have a more intimate experience since the theatre is smaller.
Regardless of what size Broadway theatre you decide to attend, the important thing is that you are attending Broadway shows. Everyone should experience a Broadway show at least once in their life. Musicals and live plays have an uncanny ability to draw people in and immerse them in the experience in a way that recorded film cannot. Broadway shows also give you an idea of one of the ways people experienced entertainment in the past. The cast and crew of Broadway productions work incredibly hard to provide an amazing experience filled with great music, dancing, drama, and laughter. You definitely don’t want to miss out on one of these incredible experiences!

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