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When Is The Right Time To Buy Designer Clothes For Men

Designer clothes are known to be exclusive and expensive. It’s like they are made for the elite and average Joes aren’t included in the list. This is why a lot of us feel like we’ve cheated the system and scored a win for the team when we manage to get our hands on a designer piece for a fraction of the price. And this is why people are continually combining online and offline stores all the time just to get a piece of the glory. 

Designer clothes aren’t just bought for their exclusivity, while that may be a strong factor, it’s not the only one. The quality of the fabric and craftsmanship can truly shine different lights on the person who’s wearing them. The process of buying designer clothes for men is an intricate one with more details that meets the eye. We’ll be providing you with a few secrets that can help you determine the perfect time to get your hands on the trendiest pieces of designer clothes for a good price.

Special Offers

This is a very traditional method that has been digitized for bigger masses. Big department stores like Bloomingdales and Saks offer discounts on their merchandise if you sign up for their blog or newsletter. Online department stores often do this, but it’s not exclusive as you can find your favorite designers offering it to their online subscribers. This way, you get to have a discount even when their merchandise is on sale. You can even find some premium Versace Menswear or Valentinos for a discounted price thanks to the exclusivity of the deal. Signing up to your favorite designers’ and shops’ newsletter gives you a head-start over others as you’ll know when exactly their new sales are happening in addition to gaining access to exclusive discounts. 

Capsule Collections

A lot of people are under the impression that designer clothes are only designed and manufactured in a few specific places, but the reality is that bargain designer clothes can be found through different channels. Some pieces of clothes transcend trends and can often be bought at whatever time the opportunity permits. And these pieces of designer clothes, referred to as capsule collections are like the condensed vision or wardrobe of a famous designer. H&M is currently investing in obtaining capsule collections to improve its brand positioning in the fashion industry. You can obtain fashionable designer clothes for a fraction of their original price while also maintaining the same brand image and quality.  

Flash Sales

Instead of trying to predict the forecast of the fashion industry, why not get notified on your phone just like you do when you get a text message? Flash sales are also called deal-of-the-day, which is a successful business model that utilizes the sale of products with huge discounts for less than 36 hours. Almost every big shopping website does flash sales with significant discounts on designer clothes. The designer’s incentive is that they don’t have to worry about packing and shipping while staying focused on the design process itself. Flash sales are digitally communicated almost every time with email subscription lists and phone alerts. Designer clothes sold in a flash-sale are much cheaper than the one displayed in retail or official department stores. 


Shopping off-season is a long-term plan for success. It gives you some precious time to be able to score some of the best discounts in the market, thanks to retailers need to make room for new merchandise and lower their losses. While you may not have the need for items at the same time of purchase, but once the time to utilize the purchases comes, you’ll feel quite victorious. Try to keep your eyes on the classic pieces that will stay in style for more than one season. Keep your inventory full of classic style to ensure that you’re always in the trendy flow. Try to know more about the price adjustment policy of stores if the sale hasn’t begun yet to ensure that you get the widest variety of items before they’re picked up by customers. 

Winter Sales

The best thing about sales in Winter is that it aligns with the holiday season. This is when designers mark down their merchandise to invoke more sales. November through January is usually the best window for obtaining designer pieces for a fraction of the cost if you combine different channels and strategies of purchase. Designers always use retailers to mark the beginning of the markdown of clothes, and the earlier you are, the better. 

Closeout Sales

Going through the racks of a clearance sale to find a worthy piece of clothing is exhausting. Shopping through closeout websites helps you navigate thousands of clothing pieces that have been removed high-end stores as they’re out of season and to clear the way for new merchandise. These sites give you a lot of good discounts as they were received by them at a fraction of the price already with no additional costs.

Bridge Lines

A bridge line is a collaboration between a famous high-end designer and a low-priced retailer. The deal is for the designer to design a collection of trendy pieces of clothes and not to worry about the manufacturing process. One of the most famous examples is the bridge line that happened between Marc Jacobs, Neiman Marcus, and Target. Low-priced retail stores use this collaboration as a way to get the people’s favorite designers to design specific clothes for them. The designers themselves aren’t in control of the manufacturing process, and it’s considered the retailer’s responsibility, which is why the quality of the items sold at a bridge line may not match the designer’s own manufacturing process. It’s still significantly cheaper and comes out great most of the time.The right time to buy designer clothes may not always be formulated and visible to everyone. Thanks to the tools offered by our digital culture, it has now become quite important to stay on the lookout for the best deals offered in any season as opportunities arise all the time.

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