Okay, so you’re a new business, you’ve had the presence of mind to ensure you have a website to go with it, and now you’re wondering about the SEO game.

How do you get into it? Where do you start? Should you wait for certain conditions to be just right first, or do you jump right in?

First of all, the easy answer is that it’s always a good time to get into SEO if you haven’t done so already. Whether you’re a new business with a website that’s a week old or you’ve had an online presence for a decade or more, if you aren’t doing SEO, you can get into it right now and start to make a difference for your business.

But how do you start in on this? What do you do? What tools are available to help you? Check out this guide to find out.

Tools Are Your Best Friends

Visual Content

First off, you should be prepared to spend some money on SEO, good SEO, anyway. If you’re just a genius and know what you’re doing, then you can go into the backend of your website and fix the things you notice, but, depending on how big your site is, you couldn’t possibly find all the technical problems.

Tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush are there to point out all the otherwise invisible errors in your website, the things that tell Google you’re not taking user experience very seriously. When people have trouble finding information on your site, they’re likely to go elsewhere, never again returning to give you their business.

SEO tools list off these problems for you and even prioritize them, so you can be aware of the issues and then fix them.

Content Is Another Good Friend

On-Page SEO

Aside from those nagging technical SEO issues, another thing you’ll need to start in on if you haven’t already is content.

In the SEO world, content is anything that presents consumable information for a user. It doesn’t have to be just the written word, although writing service pages and blog posts is pretty important for some businesses to rank and get found on Google.

You’ll also want to fill your website with photos, images, and videos if you can since all these elements can help people to convert more easily and will give your site a better chance of standing out.

Go To The Experts If You’re Really Not Sure

Local SEO

Final word here: don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for help from the pros when you need it. There are plenty of agencies out there offering SEO consulting services for businesses just like yours.

You’d have to decide whether the expense is worth it: you can go and pay for Semrush on your own and try to fiddle with your website to fix its problems, or you can pay one monthly price to an agency that has all those tools and can work on your site month after month, giving it everything that the experts recommend for better rankings.

The choices are yours, but know this: SEO can help just about any business out there, go get cracking if you haven’t yet.

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