When Should You Call a Tow Truck Company?

Tow trucking is a $7 billion industry in the United States. Clearly, these businesses are providing a service that a lot of people want.

While no driver ever wants to have to interact with a tow truck company, it’s still important to know when you should call one. So keep on reading and we’ll take you through the different scenarios where it’s appropriate to call a towing company.


There are around six million car accidents in the United States each year.

After you get into a car accident, you want to move your vehicle off of the road as soon as possible so you don’t cause any other accidents. You can either drive it to the shoulder or a parking lot or call a tow truck to move it.

You should be aware that you might have to pay for the tow truck’s services yourself. Speak to your insurance provider to see if they’ll cover the cost for you. If you have collision coverage then there’s a good chance that your insurance will take care of it.

Running Out of Gas

If you happen to run out of gas before you get to your destination then you might feel helpless while stuck on the road.

If this happens to you then you should consider calling a tow truck, to come and pick up your car. Depending on their policies, they might be able to take your car to a nearby gas station.

Flat Tires

If you drive with a flat tire, you could end up ruining the wheel or causing your car to crash.

If you don’t have a spare tire on you then you’ll want to reach out to a tow truck service so that they can take your car to a place where the tire can get changed.

Dead Battery

While you can sometimes fix a dead battery by jumping your car, that’s not always easy to do. And sometimes there are no cars around to offer you a hand.

Some tow trucks might be able to come and help jump-start your car for you. And if they can’t do that then they can at least take your car to a place where they can fix the battery.

Before you call a tow truck company, you should learn more about their services to see if they offer an option like this.

Breakdowns and Overheating

If you leave your car out in the hot sun for a long period of time then it might shut down from overheating. If this happens then you’ll want to contact a tow truck driver so that you can get it off the road and to somewhere more convenient.

Be Ready to Call a Tow Truck Company

While you should never hope to have to call a tow truck company, you should always be ready to do so when you’re on the road. By knowing more about how a tow truck can help, you’ll be able to be a more prepared and relaxed driver.

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