If you mention “Buick” in a conversation, chances are people have some preconceived notions about the owner of that vehicle. Maybe you’ve fallen into this trap in the past yourself; the trap of thinking that Buicks are only for older drivers.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Buick has gone to great lengths to rebrand itself for younger buyers.

Not convinced that this backbone of the US automotive industry is for you? Here’s how a Buick could be your ultimate car!

Smart Connections

Smart Connections

Let’s start with the biggest place Buick bucks its image of being an ‘old person’ car; its technology. When you buy a Buick today, it comes with Buick’s fantastic and innovative Buick Infotainment System. This amazing piece of driver-assisting technology includes features like:

  • WiFi Hotspot for as many as seven devices
  • Touchscreen interface with real-time maps
  • Connectivity options for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Connectivity
  • Remote access and car diagnostics

Not only that, but it connects with the MyBuick app, allowing you to control your car right from your smartphone. What ‘old person car’ would do that?

Luxury Feel At A Non-Luxury Price

One of Buick’s greatest selling points over the years is its position as a luxury-adjacent brand. That means that when you buy a Buick, you’ll get a luxury vehicle feeling at a far lower price point.

Don’t believe us? You can learn more about some of Buick’s fantastic interior trims here.

Made in the USA

Do you like supporting US-based businesses? Are you tired of all your car-buying money lining the pockets of overseas manufacturers?

Buick is one of the few US-based brands you can still invest in today. So, if you decide to purchase a Buick luxury SUV, you can know for certain that your money is feeding the American economy.

Well-Kept Value

Buicks hold their value as used vehicles exceptionally well. This means you’ll get a fair return on investment even years down the line when the time has come to sell your beloved Buick. How many cars can you say that about?

Efficient Fuel Economy

Efficient Fuel Economy

How many carmakers can say that even their massive SUVs get a combined 20MPG at worst? Not many, but Buick can! So, in addition to having a gorgeous, luxurious vehicle, you’ll save some money on gas, too.

Let’s Recap: Why Buick is the Ultimate Car

We get it, Buicks have a reputation for being ‘old person’ cars. However, don’t let stereotypes fool you! These American-made powerhouses hold their value with luxurious interiors and exteriors. They’ll also save you money on gas, and offer all the latest smart technology and modern conveniences.

With so many features on offer for modern car buyers, there’s no reason Buick can’t be your ultimate car today.

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