The global laser marking market is expected to surpass $3 billion by 2024, according to a news release on Global News Wire. Interest in custom laser engraving continues to grow as more industries, businesses, and even individuals understand its uses. Industrial companies use it to mark parts and tools, while businesses use it to mark their products and other items. 

An increased level of consumer demand for personalization and customization of products such as tablets, smartphones, metal, wood, cutlery, and other materials is also driving growth. Here are some of the reasons why custom laser engraving is in high demand today:

Increased Focus on Personalization 

Today, personalization is more than a trend. From making standard products or items unique, adding value to a product, or making an important event standout, personalization is omnipresent in today’s society. With increased focus and interest in personalization, technologies like laser marking have become the go-to solution for personalizing products, tools, parts, and other items, according to Needham Laser:

Numerous industries use personalization to add a personal touch to products, ensure a level of professionalism, promote products, create enthusiasm about unique events, and to individualize objects. From business gifts, industrial and manufacturing parts, sports and leisure products, accessories, jewelry, multimedia products, pet shops, department stores, wines, and spirits, among others, personalization is a key driver of growth in the custom laser engraving market. 

Laser Engraving is Becoming More Accessible

In the past, laser engraving machines were hard to come by. Today, laser engraving technology has become more accessible to businesses, industries, and even the day-to-day consumer. This accessibility has led to the adoption of laser engravers in marketplaces, fabrication labs, school labs, small business stores, and other areas.

With diverse use in multiple industries, custom laser engraving services are becoming more affordable and accessible to customers. Laser marking and engraving machines now come with robust construction and innovative features that are designed to suit different tasks. They’re widely used in metal industries, the jewelry market, plastic industries, and production lines. 

Custom Branding

Custom branding not only gives businesses and corporations a greater presence in the market but is also being used to deter the theft of corporate assets and business products. By laser engraving branding aspects like logos and names on company products and items, it’s clear for all to see who owns the product. Click here to check what color are regulatory signs and make your brand unique.

Since laser engraving offers a quality and permanent way to brand products, these items and products can be tracked more efficiently throughout the supply chain. The increasing need for custom branding has made technologies like these to remain in high demand. The competitive nature of today’s business market also makes laser engraving a necessary branding solution. 

Growing Industrial Uses

Beyond the automotive, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries, laser engraving is seeing rising demand in other diverse industrial segments like identification security. Laser engraving is now being used on credit cards, sensitive documents, ID cards, and other items and products that need more advanced security features and protection measures. 

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is tamper-proof and can be used to produce high-quality text and images, ensuring personalized customization to each organization’s needs. It also plays a critical role today in parts identification in the manufacturing industry, inventory control and tracking, loss prevention, and safety and warning control. Its growing use will continue driving demand.


The imagination and creativity for finding new laser engraving applications have led to sustained growth in demand for this technology. Businesses, manufacturers, and DIYs are thinking outside the box when it comes to helping customers with anything they need. The wide spectrum of requests that companies specializing in custom laser marking and engraving get is enough reason to see why this technology will continue growing.

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