The process of indexing and digitizing vast amounts of documents is called backfile scanning. It is also called backfile conversion. This process of scanning enables you to store documents in a digital archive which you can refer to later. Some companies prefer to integrate pictures into their corporate systems. Such systems and software include enterprise content or document management.

What people need backfile scanning?

If you file records poorly or store them in an unorganized manner, it will become a problem. You will not be able to find any information when you need them. Later, when you try to find misplaced documents, the whole process will be costly and time-consuming. You must always make decisions from a liability and productivity standpoint. You can reach out to Document Pros regarding all your document management needs. They will help you manage your file work and offer you other economical solutions for document management.

When there is an emergency, and you urgently require a document, you have to start looking for it everywhere. Now, you will have to take out all the file boxes from the store-room. The whole process is both time-consuming and frustrating. This is precisely when backfile scanning is required. Most of the business organizations are trying to implement this process to reduce the storage of so many papers. With backfile scanning, document management has become easier than ever.

Benefits of backfile scanning

Backfile scanning is the latest development in the document management industry. It comes along with several benefits. The following are the most important benefits that you can derive from the implementation of backfile scanning.

1. Space-saving

Paperwork is a pivotal part of any business organization. Piles of paper all around are frustrating. It is an expensive as well as stupid idea to use up a portion of your prime business space to store documents. You cannot even dispose of suitable materials as you may require them at any time in the future. Backfile scanning will help you vacate a lot of your office space because you do not need to store piles of paper now.

2. Preserving information

There are lots of essential documents that you need to save for years. Handling them over and over again tends to spoil them with time. There is also a risk of losing them or misplacing them. Backfile scanning is the best solution to such problems. It will help you to store relevant documents for as many years as you want. Besides, there will be no physical damage to the papers. The legitimacy of the document’s hard copies will also increase in this way.

3. Data security

Protecting confidential data is a difficult task with everyone having access to the files that are lying around. With the help of backfile scanning, data protection has now become very easy. You can encrypt scanned data or protect them using passwords. Storing them in the Cloud is an ideal option too. Later, you can decide whom to give access to these files. Since these files have password protection, you can monitor all the activities efficiently.

4. Staff collaboration

Backfile scanning eases the process of sharing documents with employees sitting at different locations. You will not have to re-print the same information on various papers and take the pain of circulating them. Besides, staff around the world can work on a single file simultaneously. This saves time, money as well as a lot of effort.

5. Easy to audit

Every business organization thrives on maintaining compliance. Backfile scanning helps a business to achieve all its regulatory and legal objectives. Backfile scanning is a process of organizing, indexing, and digitizing information. So, whenever the auditor asks for a document, you will be able to produce it within no time at all. This will impress even the strictest auditor, and the goodwill of your company will increase in the market.

6. Improved customer service

You know your business is growing when you reach out to customers in more than one region. That is a good sign for you. However, it is your responsibility to communicate with them about all the updates of the company. Failing to do this may affect your business negatively, and you could lose clients.

 Printing or emailing bills, other financial statements and invoices will require a lot of time. You will have to spend thousands to get these prepared and send them individually. Backfile scanning makes this whole process much more comfortable, and you can communicate with each client faster than ever.

7. No clutter

Clutter makes the office ambiance bad. Nobody likes to work in a messy environment, and paper clutter makes the space congested. Backfile scanning means there is less paper piled up around you. This, in turn, will enhance the cleanliness of the office, and the ambiance will feel fresher. Employee productivity improves in such an environment and people like coming to the office more.

8. Document recovery becomes easier

There can be a natural calamity or a disaster such as floods or fire. Paper documents are at the highest risk of damage in such situations. Implementing backfile scanning is the best way to recover documents during an emergency. The information is already digitized and stored in an organized manner. You will not even have to work very hard to find them again.

9. Improved focus

You are likely to lose focus every time you have to leave your desk to look for a document. The next problem is the confusion about where the material will be. This happens because there are piles of paper all around you. With backfile scanning, you now have all the required information at the tip of your fingers. You do not have to leave the desk for anything, and this means you will not lose focus.

10.  Eco-friendly

We should all be aware of the fact that more papers say lesser plants and trees. If we go on wasting paper the way we do now, there will be a time when we will not have trees around us. None of us would want to live on a plant-less planet. You should implement the process of backfile scanning to encourage an eco-friendly environment.

Why is backfile scanning better than day-to-day scanning?

The main factor that differentiates backfile scanning and day-to-day scanning is the opportunity difference. You now have a way to save documents you had with you for years. The process enhances the workflow, along with making storage easier for you. If you think of it in a better way, backfile scanning will eventually lead to the process of day-to-day scanning.

When we are talking about day-to-day scanning, we are taking into account only those documents you need right now. The main objectives in this scenario are improving workflow and most importantly capturing data.

The process of backfile scanning does seem to be difficult initially. As you keep doing it, you will understand how much difference it will make. Following the proper steps of doing this scanning can make the whole process even more effortless. Converting all those paper files to digital documents solves a lot of problems at work.