Willingness and enthusiasm will only ever get an employee in your business so far. After a certain point, their productivity really is down to the tools and hardware at their disposal. Finding the right tools and hardware can be difficult, especially in a world of constant app and technology development. The right tools can transform your business and employees productivity in ways you may not have thought possible. If you have been searching for the tools to help boost your employee productivity, then consider these potential solutions for your business.

Present your business properly

Printers are possibly one of the first pieces of hardware that any business should be investing in, especially when it comes to the materials for printing. Making sure your business is using Epson inks, could be the difference between winning a new client or coming off a little short. A lot of businesses treat ink cartridges as an expense that can be cut, but this could potentially be limiting your employee’s productivity. Cheaper, generic cartridges can mean reprints and increased maintenance requirements for your printer. Instead of cutting cartridge costs, invest in the genuine product and watch the change in your productivity. Watch employees spend time on revenue-generating tasks instead of standing at the printer.

Show your face

Creating meaningful connections in the workplace where employees feel safe and comfortable being vulnerable is how businesses can achieve real collaboration, as well as increased productivity. One piece of hardware that every business should invest in to help achieve this, is video conferencing equipment. If you have teams or employees communicating across, states, countries or across the same city, video conferencing can change the outcome of meetings forever. Being able to see and respond to body language, but more importantly, the face of the voice on the phone creates much stronger connections. This stronger connection helps employees feel more motivated to achieve outcomes together. Telephone conferencing is adequate, but with video, you encourage employees to create more meaningful connections and strive even harder to achieve key objectives.

Stand up

Very few pieces of hardware perfectly embody the phrase ‘motion creates emotion’ quite like the stand-up desk. The old saying rings true for employee productivity if you can get employees up and about during the day you can help change mindsets in the workplace. Sitting down at a desk all day can create lethargy and bad posture, which can lead to lower productivity or worse lost-time injuries. To avoid any potentially damaging impacts on your employee productivity, consider installing stand-up desk stations through the office. These stations will create a space for employees to stretch, maintain a healthy posture and also change the perspective of their day. Moving regularly and getting your employees on their feet could be the change their productivity needs.

Standard programs

Collaboration and effective workload management don’t happen by accident. Employees need the right standard tools and programs installed on their computers or laptops. Instead of leaving employees to find the solution on their own, consider overhauling the standard programs your business uses. Give employees collaboration programs like Trello, Microsoft Teams or Slack to help increase communication and productivity. Drive employee productivity even further by celebrating the wins and sharing learning with a program like Yammer. All of these tools are great ways to increase productivity, but only if your business allows the hardware employee’s use to access it.

Employee productivity can be a fickle measure to shift, especially if your employees have to find constant workarounds due to a lack of appropriate hardware. Instead of cutting costs on the hardware they need, invest and watch the productivity gains roll in.

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