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Why Engineers Are So Important To Society

Some of the world’s most iconic buildings, such as the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, or the Great Pyramids, are the creations of great engineers throughout history. These are all regarded as marvels and must-see sites, but incredible engineering doesn’t end here. After all, even the wheel is an engineering invention that changed the world.

Now, as more mainstream, advanced technology became available, engineers continue to play an essential role in everyday life. Engineering is everywhere and has been impacting every sector of society, from the environment, healthcare, and much more, for many years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 

In order to better understand the value and role these individuals hold, continue reading.

Impact the environment 

Scientific research has proven that the environment is facing degradation as a result of climate change, and solutions need to be brought forward that will help alleviate these problems. The biodiversity of the planet is suffering, and people are consuming far more natural resources than they should. So, what is a viable solution to this problem? How can people preserve the environment that they depend on?

This is where engineers become important players, as they can design and develop sustainable systems. In particular, they shape:

1.        Agriculture

People everywhere depend on agriculture to survive, but what is being done to promote sustainable farming?

The population of the world is only growing, and more people results in more resources being used. Many people live in cities, and that is why they need to use the space around them to promote urban farming as a critical alternative to the typical farms. 

By combining technology with engineering, urban agriculture can very quickly transform into a reality. 

Only a skillful team will be able to find the perfect lights that can imitate sunlight, but already, you can see successful examples of this alternative farming. The world’s biggest indoor farm was built in Japan, and the setting is an abandoned factory. 

Aside from food, water is an equally crucial human need that we must preserve. There are places around the world that still do not have access to clean drinking water, and the development of these systems lies in the hands of engineers.

Environmental engineers are even working to diminish the pollution problem that is facing much of the world’s water.

2.        Energy

The consumption of energy and people’s carbon footprint needs to be minimized. Once again, engineers play a vital role in energy efficiency.

It has been noted that buildings use 40% of the world’s energy, and it is the engineers that plan and design the architecture of the world. An engineer can analyze and change the airflow of a space, and come up with alternative materials to use in the construction process itself. 

Civil engineers can use technology to their advantage in order to construct buildings that use less energy.


People around the world are relying on healthcare to improve their quality of life. When you think about healthcare professionals, you think about doctors, nurses, and other individuals that you interact with in a hospital. Have you stopped to consider the role of engineers?

Engineers are not coming up with medicine that will cure the diseases facing the world, but they are creating the machines and equipment that are being used.

Think about all of those devices that you find at your doctor’s office or the complex machines that are prevalent in surgery rooms. Even the need for prosthetic limbs is an engineering design, whereas other famous inventions include the x-ray machine, the thermometer, and stethoscope. 

Offers solutions to complex issues 

Engineers always improve the world that you live in, and that is why they are so important.

They use science and math in order to analyze complex issues that need a viable solution. Everything that has been mentioned already is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their impact. 

People will always want to live happy and healthy lives. They want the world around them to be safe and provide them with everything they need to sustain their way of life. You only need to open up a history book, and you will immediately notice how far engineering has already taken society, from creating machines and software that would have otherwise never existed. 

Without engineers learning how to control solar power and creating more sustainable technology, the ecosystem that people live in would be heading on a downward spiral. Even by utilizing solar power energy, engineers are taking society a step in the right direction. 

There is always room for more engineers 

Engineers are knowledgeable and skilled individuals, and there is still room for more individuals working in this field. 

On the one hand, engineering itself is helping educate society every day. In fact, without engineers working in construction, you wouldn’t have physical educational spaces in the first place. 

Given what this article has already mentioned, it isn’t a surprise that people want to solve some of the complex problems facing the world, improving everyone’s quality of life. There are so many engineering fields to choose from; you are bound to find one that piques your interest. Some options include:

  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Software engineering

Perhaps you are interested in learning more about engineering, but you don’t have that much time to go to physical classrooms. You can complete an online electrical and computer engineering degree that will teach you all of the essentials for creating and developing innovative devices, computer systems, and much more. 

If you are an individual that wants to build, design, and create something in this world, then engineering will fit your aspirations and personality. 

Engineers can help bring ideas into actualization, and it would be hard to imagine a world without their prevalence. You depend on engineers even if you don’t realize it, and the world you live in would not be the same without them. The airplane, the computer, cell phone, bridges, roads, and much more are some of the everyday engineering inventions that you depend on to live a comfortable life.

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