Internet might be one of the best things that happened to us but it is not definitely as good as we think it is. Yes, it comes with a number of benefits but at the same time it has some draw backs as well that we most often ten to ignore. Adults who understand the internet world can easily protect themselves from the harm because they have the ability to differentiate between good and bad whereas kids on the other hand don’t have this ability which is why the digital freedom needs to be limited for a kid. 

Keeping kids safe is the duty of all the parents and the teachers out there. it is also the social responsibility of the developers and other computer engineers out there to make sure that the apps or the technology that they make come with parental control feature so that the parents can limit the usage for kids and keep them safe.

What is parental control?

Parental control is a feature, software or an application that allows parents to control the usage of a certain device or an app for their kids. It acts as a in-built feature which the parents can use to set the time limit and make sure that the kids don’t get their hands on aggressive material. 

The best way to make sure that your kid is safe is to teach them the difference between right and wrong and you regularly checkup on their device. If nothing works for you then you can get a parental control app from ikeymonitor to get best results. 

There are special parental control applications out there as well that allow you to completely control the actions of your child and give you full control over your child’s device. They come in quite handy when your hand in a smartphone for the first time to a child for personal use. Spy Phone App is a Child Protection Tool that tracks GPS, Contacts and installed apps on a phone.

Why you need parental control?

Kids these days are quite private. You might have a strong relation or a bond where they share stuff with you but at some point there will be something that they won’t share with you. Honestly the internet is a corrupt place. It has so much content that can easily corrupt the child and you won’t even know about it

The best way to protect your kids to make sure that they don’t end up doing something that they will regret in the future or they don’t fall prey to someone’s trap. There are predators on the internet that are waiting to hunt their next prey and your kid might be one.Plus the social media sites are like a thing now and almost everyone is using them and so will your kid. It might seem all nice and gloomy from the outside but it is so not. There is so much that could go wrong and it might be your kid’s fault as well so they won’t ever tell you about it.