Why You Need To Protect Your Online Privacy

The world has millions of internet users these days. Read to know about the reasons why is privacy important to protect your online security.

The world has millions of internet users these days. These people are all connected at the same time and are all enjoying the benefits of such interconnectivity. Why is privacy important?

However, the increasing number of websites, online products and social media sites has also led to a loss of boundaries. It is sad to know that some people are not aware that the more information they share online about themselves, the higher their risk becomes of being a victim of hackers so you have to know importance of privacy.

Why is Privacy Important to Protect Your Online Security?

Unfortunately, the existence of online hackers is real. So real that they have already caused too much damage to many businesses and organizations. Importance of privacy: This is the reason why the people behind Tandem Diabetes Care Data Breach investigation team encourage everyone to protect their online privacy.

Why is privacy important when your online privacy has been penetrated by hackers, there is no way you will ever know how much damage they can do to your confidential accounts and files without you noticing it.

Read further to know more about the reasons why is privacy important to protect your online security and know online privacy policy.

You Become at Risk of Fraud and Identity Theft.

The year 2016 has marked the “all-time high” case for identity theft that has led to a loss of $16 billion. Unfortunately, such breach of personal information can be used by hackers for malicious purposes and know that importance of privacy.

This is when your credit card information, insurance and bank accounts can be used by hackers and before you know it your bank account has already been drained, your credit cards have all been maxed out and your insurance will be used by them.

Protect Your Online Privacy

Hackers Can Steal your Social Security Number.

If you do not protect your online privacy, your personal data becomes at risk to hackers. Hackers are good at stealing personal information and breaking into your private accounts. Think about the Equifax breach where people’s personal information such as social security numbers were hacked.

Protect Your Security Number

Unfortunately, once your social security number is stolen hackers can do just about anything to use these to their advantage. Add in the fact that you are also at risk of phishing where your login details for your bank accounts and personal emails can also be used by hackers not just to steal information but your money as well.

Hackers Will Sell Your Personal Data.

The price for confidential information can be expensive. Hackers will sell your personal information to people who will also use it for malicious purposes. The price becomes even higher if a person is a government official or a celebrity.

Protect Your Personal Information

This information will be resold to a “carder” who will then generate new credit and ATM cards and before you know it your finances have been drained. The ones who stole your personal information gained money by reselling your info to “carders”. In turn, the carder will also gain much more money than anyone else, more than what you are capable of.

Keeping your online privacy secure is tantamount to protecting your family for convenience and compromise privacy with loved ones as well. Keep in mind that when hackers get into your private information and importance of privacy, your entire family will be affected.

So, start reviewing all the information that you have been sharing online and revisit the privacy settings of your social media accounts and why is privacy important. Guard your confidential information as if you are guarding your very own life.

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