LetΒ΄s see why it is important the product information management for online stores, because we have listen that the PIM or product information management is very useful since through this management you can address all the different means to place them in the captive market.

With product information management you can store and distribute all the information about the products and even improve the confidentiality and quality of the data that has been provided. In this way, a greater receptivity can be achieved before launching the products to the market.

 It is expected that the results are up the expectations of customers, buyers and those who want to be well positioned in the market. Then, the product information management system must cover a large number of countries speaking in different languages and data. In addition, it is sought that necessary modifications can be made to the information on a certain product or service that is being offered.

What information does PIM management allow?

PIMs are programs that are designed to store product information from a large number of sources, among which you can find different types of information:

● Characteristics of the products (Such as cost and others)

● Comprehensive information of the products (Description, name, size, etc.)

● Inform about who the providers are.

● Product specifications (Warranty, dimensions, packaging, etc.)

● Omni-channel product information that offers interfaces, certified, configurable and pre-installed.

In addition to storing the aforementioned information, these programs also offer the possibility to view previews and exports for a variety to trading systems, such as Oracle, Hybris and IBM channels.

Product management systems can encompass a large amount of information about products that are on a single platform. Thanks to this, the PIM has grown considerably in recent years, especially thanks to the current type of trade.

The sale of articles through the Internet requires extensive information

Yes, data collection about the products that buyers may not know. That is, if the product information is not known, such as the name, price, category, etc, then potential buyers will not be able to find the product and buy it.

Likewise, the retail and wholesale businesses can offer a wide variety of products online to their customers, many more products than if they used physical stores, so carrying all the information within a single spreadsheet is not an option. 

Technology has caused a great growth in demand, so now businesses have been faced with the need to manage systems that allow them to use information, since many companies have different products and brands, which they offer in different countries at different prices and applying to different promotions, besides that they can work with many suppliers at an international level. 

Also, consumers increasingly need more information about the products, so providing them with that information can have a positive impact on sales. All this generates a lot of information. For all these reasons, the sales and distribution sector have become much more complex, something that can be facilitated by using a system such as the PIM.

The information is very important

The importance of information is that when making a purchase wanting to do it, consumers now do a search to better know the products and compare different products, their specifications and characteristics. 

Advantages of using a PIM

● It allows to establish confidence when having information about the product.

● It allows to eliminate the work with huge spreadsheets, allowing to make the work easier.

● Synthesize the integration processes between information sources and suppliers.

● Improves the quality and consistency of product information data.

A quality PIM system allows to operate based on the accuracy of the data.

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